Best answer: The Kodak Printomatic doesn't use any sort of traditional film, but rather a heat-activated paper called Zink paper.

Not film, but paper

If you ever used an instant camera back in the 80's — like an old-school Polaroid — you likely know that those cameras used a special type of film/paper. Fast forward a few decades and new instant cameras like the Kodak Printomatic are using a different type of paper to get the job done.

Without getting too technical, Zink paper doesn't require any ink to print photo but rather each sheet is covered in a layer of heat-activated crystals that turn different colors when exposed to different heat levels. It's pretty neat technology and it works pretty fast, the Kodak Printomatic can print out a photo in under a minute.

Not all Zink paper is the same

Zink paper isn't produced by Kodak directly, but rather by a company called Zink Holdings, which licenses their Zink paper to companies such as Kodak, Polaroid, and Canon. Plus, different cameras use different sizes, so it can be slightly confusing to make sure you have the right kind of Zink paper.

The Kodak Printomatic uses the 2-by-3-inch Zink paper, which features a sticky back that allows you to turn your photos into stickers after printing.

The Kodak Printomatic can hold up to 10 sheets of Zink paper at a time, and each bundle of 10-sheets comes with a blue color calibration sheet, that allows the Printomatic to calibrate the printing process so your photos turn out rich, vibrant, and the right colors.

The Paper

Zink Zero Photo Paper (50 Pack)

Print and stick anywhere

Kodak's Zink Zero Photo Paper delivers bright and vibrant instant prints that are sure to make any photo pop once it's printed. The Sticky-backed paper even allows you to peel the back of your photos and stick them anywhere allow you to decorate almost anything with your favorite photos.

The Camera

Kodak Printomatic in yellow.

Kodak Printomatic

Straight forward and easy-to-use

With the 2-by-3-inch Zink paper, the Kodak Printomatic uses its 10-megapixel and f/2 aperture to take excellent photos that you can print out instantly.

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