Best answer: Amazon is going to be the best place to get it. It carries all seven colors and you can bundle some paper with it to get you started. Prime members also get the awesome two day shipping.

What is the Snap?

To anyone who grew up in the 80s, Polaroid is a name that probably brings back a lot of memories. Its instant printing technology allowed you to be able to immediately capture any moment you wanted without having to drop the film off at the local drug store to get developed. Believe it or not, the company is still alive and well today and has many new offerings to help you capture those memories in new and fun ways. The Snap is one of its newest and coolest instant cameras.

The Snap abandons the company's more traditional portrait layout for a more standard landscape orientation found on most digital cameras. The important part though is that the instant picture printing technology the company is known for is here in all its glory. Once you snap the picture, it will instantly print out a 2-by-3 inch copy of it for you to share with your friends. You can even snap and print the pictures in three separate color modes: black and white, color, and sepia.

Even though the printing tech is cool, you don't have to automatically print every photo you take. The Snap will hold up to a 128GB micro SD card so you can actually save your pictures to the camera and only print out the best ones. All-in-all the Snap Touch is a really fun way to capture those special moments in your life.

Amazon offers the best package

If you're looking to pick one up, Amazon is going to be the best place to get it. Amazon carries eight colors of the Snap and you can also bundle in some printing paper and other cool crafty accessories to enhance the experience. Best of all, Prime members will get the famous two day shipping and the Snap will still be covered under Polaroid's 1 year limited warranty.

Our pick

Snap Instant Digital Camera

Pictures in a snap

The Snap Instant camera offers a 10mp lens and Polaroid's famous instant print technology so you can instantly share all your special moments. You can print in three different color modes and you can save your pictures to a micro SD card if you don't want to print right away. You can get it in eight great colors to perfectly match your style.

Extra paper

Polaroid 2-by-3 inch ZINK Paper

Print it out

The 2-by-3 inch Zink paper is perfect for the Snap camera.

Save all the pictures

SanDisk 128 GB micro SD Card

Save the moments

SanDisk is one of the best you can get when it comes to digital storage. This 128 GB card offers 100MB/s read speeds and support for full HD video recording and is the perfect way to store all your pictures on your Polaroid Snap.

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