Where is the best place to buy Zink paper for Polaroid Mint Printer?

Where is the best place to buy Zink paper for Polaroid Mint Printer?

Best answer: Amazon is the best place to get the proper Zink paper for your Mint Printer. There is a wide variety of quantities ranging from packs of 30 to 100 with discounts on bulk purchases.Amazon: Polaroid ZINK 2x3" Paper ($15 for a 30 pack)

What cameras use the ZINK 2x3" paper?

Polaroid became famous for making cameras that instantly printed out photos so within seconds you could share the memory of what you captured. The pictures it first pioneered back in the 80s were 3 by 3-inch prints with a small white border around it so your fingerprints wouldn't be stuck on the image. Over the years, the company's offerings have not varied much but recently it developed some cameras with the more standard landscape layout that you see from most digital cameras.

Several of its new cameras use a 2 by 3-inch layout for their paper including the Mint, Snap, SnapTouch and Z2300. The Mint and Zip instant printers also use the 2 by 3-inch paper. The ZINK Zero-Ink technology is pretty impressive in that it allows you to instantly print your image with absolutely no ink involved in the process. The paper uses three layers of a special composite material embedded with cyan, yellow, and magenta dye crystals that are then heated by the camera which activates and colorizes them allowing for an ink-free printing process.

Why buy from Amazon?

In truth, there are a few other places you can get the paper but Amazon is the place we recommend going to for a few reasons. If you're a Prime member you can, of course, take advantage of the two-day (and sometimes even faster) shipping in addition to getting discounted prices. Amazon also offers the paper in several different size packages, including some fun bundle packages, so you can get just the right amount for you.

Jason Cockerham