DJI Osmo Pocket

Best answer: Right now if you lose your smartphone adapter for the Osmo Pocket you'll need to head to the DJI Store for a replacement.

DJI now offers replacement adapters

The Osmo Pocket handheld camera has become more easily available, so DJI has increased the amount of accessories you can buy for it. Most importantly — at least for the purposes of this article — are the detachable smartphone adapters.

However, with nowhere to clip them to when you're not using them, not even a space in the case included with the Osmo Pocket, the chances of losing them are sadly too high. At least you can replace them on the DJI store.

Using the Osmo Pocket if you lose your adapter

If you lose your adapter you can still use the Osmo Pocket with your smartphone thanks to the USB-C port on the base.

It's not just for charging the Osmo Pocket either. With the right cable or adapter, you can use the USB-C port just the same as the smartphone adapters to interact via the DJI Mimo application.

Beware of third-party 'alternatives'

There are already third-party items appearing in places such as Amazon that at first glance appear to be what you need at a much cheaper price.

Right now this isn't the case, and if you're needing a replacement you need to be very careful. Getting directly from DJI is the best way to make sure you'll get the most for your purchase withough getting a subpar product.

For iPhone

Osmo Pocket Lightning adapter

The replacement adapter if you're using an iPhone

It's a little more expensive than the USB-C adapter but if you're an iPhone user, this is the replacement you need.

For Android

Osmo Pocket USB-C adapter

The replacement adapter you need for Android phones

If you're not using an iPhone this is the replacement you need, and it's also less expensive than the Lightning connector!

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