Which iPad (2020) color should you buy?

iPad (2020) render
iPad (2020) render (Image credit: Apple)

The new iPad (2020) is the latest in a long series of Apple tablets that still pack a punch despite a low price than other iPads on the market. The eight-generation iPad features a 10.2-inch Retina display, A12 Bionic chip with a neural engine, capacities of 32GB or 128GB, and more. The iPad (2020) colors are all traditional, silver, space gray, and gold. Which might be your favorite?

iPad (2020) in silver

Who should buy this iPad?

Silver is the most traditional choice of all when it comes to picking a color for your iPad (2020). It's a classic color that never goes out of style.

Long used on Apple's unibody MacBooks, the tried-and-true color option won't draw much attention, but perhaps that's the point! Unlike the Space Gray iPad (2020), this one comes with a white faceplate, which may or may not be an issue. The white faceplate is ideally suited for anyone intending to use the tablet for reading or writing with the supported first-generation Apple Pencil and its many accessories. If multimedia viewing is your primary reason for getting a new iPad, perhaps look at the space gray model instead.

iPad (2020) in space gray

Who should buy this iPad?

Let's get this out of the way; the silver finish tends to be a boring choice for many. Because of this, we recommend the Space Gray iPad (2020) over the other two models. This one is darker than silver and looks terrific paired with other black or gray gear. The Space Gray iPad (2020) is also subtle enough that it can blend into the crowds.

For those who want class and professionalism in their iPad (2020) without being stale, space gray is the right color for you. It includes a black faceplate, allowing the screen to blend seamlessly into it. It's also better for watching movies and television shows since the black border is not distracting (unlike the white).

iPad (2020) in gold

Who should buy this iPad?

If the Silver and Space Gray iPad (2020) are too conventional for you, consider the head-turning gold option.

Elegant, not tacky, Apple's Gold iPad (2020) version features a white faceplate like the silver version. If you're looking for a distraction-free environment for watching videos and multimedia, you might want to consider the space gray model instead.

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