Are you full of neon sunshine or more of a gray overcast? Maybe you're neither and more into the Mario red! No matter your personality, we're here to show you what Joy-Con color you should get.

Neon Red and Neon Blue

Neon Red and Blue is your typical Neon Joy-Con, something that comes standard with a certain Switch. If you want to stay close to your roots with the Red and Blue, they're a great pick. You might not stand out in a Nintendo crowd, but you'll still look pretty cool.

It will cost you $79.99 for the mismatched pair of Neon Joy-Cons.

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Gray is the most common color of Joy-Cons out there. They're standard with most Switches and definitely won't have you standing out. They blend in with the dock, the Switch, the bumpers, and the Comfort Grip. If you're ideal situation is to blend in with the crowd, than these are the Joy-Cons for you.

For the solid gray that will blend with all of your other accessories, it will cost you $80.

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Neon Red

Got a Mario Dock for your Nintendo Switch? Maybe the carrying case as well? These red Joy-Cons are perfect for to complete any Mario set up you may have. The neon red is gorgeous with any set up, and will surely make your display look wonderful.

If red is your color or you're just looking for uniformity, you can purchase these Joy-Cons at the standard price of $79.99.

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Neon Blue

If you're blue aba de aba die, then these Joy-Cons are the ones for you. The bright blue definitely stands out, but it's not overwhelming like other colors would be.

For uniform look for your Switch with a bright blue flare, you can purchase these Joy-Cons for $79.99.

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Neon Yellow

The Neon Yellow Joy-Cons are about as bright as the sun. If you enjoy standing out anywhere you game, you should definitely get your hands on them. These will blind any opponents you may face while having the coolest Joy-Cons out there.

In order to purchase this ray of sunshine, you're going to have to fork over the usual $79.99, and you might need to purchase some sunglasses as well.

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Neon Green and Neon Pink

I know what you're thinking, aren't these only available with the Splatoon 2 package? I found a pair on Amazon which is available from a Japanese or European import. This does up the price on them a good $20 dollars, but I think they're worth it. They go so seamlessly together, and it's great to be able to take Splat Fest with you anywhere.

The Neon Green and Pink is my favorite out of all the Joy-Con colors, but they come in at a hefty $90 per pair. If you don't mind spending almost $100 than these are yours!

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Clear Joy-Con

Although this isn't a pre-assembled Joy-Con, it's a cool mod you can do on your own. With this casing, you can see all the insides of the Joy-Cons, similar to the Nintendo 64 or GameBoy Advanced. This is a beautiful design that plays homage to Nintendo's Glory days.

You can purchase this casing on Amazon for $21.99, but be careful assembling the controller.

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What's your favorite color?

Let us know which color Joy-Con you're using!

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