Which HomePod color should you buy: White or space gray?

How to control HomePod with touch gestures
How to control HomePod with touch gestures

Most Apple products have a number of different options to choose from when making your purchasing decision, but not HomePod. Apple's smart speaker has just two versions: white, and space gray.

Both the white and space gray HomePod are identical in shape and size, with a 6.8-inch high and 5.6-width cylindrical body that weighs 5.5 pounds.

The color differences extend all the way around the HomePod's body: The space gray HomePod has a lighter gray wire-mesh body and an almost-black core, which extends to its LED control screen. The cord is the same dark grey as the 4K Apple TV's, and snakes out the back of the device down to its requisite power outlet.

In contrast, the white HomePod embodies the company's obsession with the color: It features an off-white grill and white LED top, along with a Lightning-cable-esque white power cord.

If you're considering a HomePod already, you probably have a color preference. But if you don't — or if you're torn — what should you consider?

Screen tone and accessibility

For some, a white interface on black text is less pleasing to the eye than its inverse. This is partially subjective, but it's also a more difficult image to resolve for your retinas — if you have any sort of vision trouble, it's worth knowing that the space gray HomePod uses two thin white + and - buttons to control volume. You may additionally want to think about which screen will work best at night.

You can also control your volume and trigger Siri with your voice, of course, but if the screen matters to you, you'll want to think about how your eyes will adjust.

Your other gadgets

Do you own a swath of dark black or bright white appliances in the room you're considering for a HomePod? You might either want to color-match your HomePod to your other speakers and TV, or shake things up a bit with a bright splash of white or a dark space gray.

Room design

It's not just the other gadgets that matter when figuring out how HomePod fits in your room: You'll also want to think about where you're putting your HomePod. While the 6.8-inch speaker is still relatively small and unassuming, it can still prove eye-catching if in stark contrast to its surroundings.

For instance, if you're planning to use HomePod on a coffee table or in-between an open floor plan, make sure the color you want looks good on your proposed furniture.

And don't just think about the HomePod itself: If you're putting it somewhere that the cord can't easily be hidden, you'll want a power cord that blends in as easily as possible with your surroundings. A space gray HomePod may not scream "art piece" on a similarly space gray kitchen counter, but it'll help hide the almost-black power cord.

Dust and dirt

Black devices collect dust, dirt, and smudges like nothing else, and the HomePod will likely be no different. Though you won't have to touch the HomePod very often, its side grills will still collect dust over its lifetime — and unless you like cleaning, you may find the white HomePod a better offer.

Who should get the HomePod in space gray?

If you own black appliances, don't mind a little dusting now and again, and love the feel of the HomePod's sleek black touchscreen, the space gray speaker may be the one for you.

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Who should get the HomePod in white?

If you want a speaker that blends into the background without being bland, matches most rooms, and doesn't pick up noticeable dust as easily, check out the white HomePod.

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