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The HomePod is one of Apple's trickier products when it comes to deciding whether you need one in your home. We know how Apple's iPhone, iPad, and Mac work, and it's easy enough to see them on display at your local Apple Store. It's a much harder sell to consider the first generation of a $349 speaker without knowing how it sounds or seeing it work in person.

While we can't beam you into your own private HomePod listening experience, we can at least give you as much information as possible to help you make your choice.

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HomePod FAQ: Everything you need to know

Apple's highly anticipated HomePod is here: The Wi-Fi connected speaker offers up Siri voice control, HomeKit functionality, and boasts incredible, virtual surround sound. Have questions about its features and functionality? We've got the deets!

HomePod vs the competition: Which should you buy?

Apple's HomePod is entering a few different product categories: It's an excellent mid-range speaker (on par with Sonos products), a smart device (like the Amazon Echo and Google Home), and a solid AirPlay speaker.

How does the HomePod compare against products in each of these categories, and which speaker makes the most sense for your needs? Read on.

HomePod hands on

Both iMore editor-at-large Rene Ritchie and managing editor Serenity Caldwell were been able to go "ears on" with HomePod before its launch. Here are their thoughts.

Should You Buy a HomePod?

Arguably, no one needs a smart speaker like Apple's HomePod. But if you're interested in a ubiquitous computing device for your home — whether to control your music, tell you about the news, turn off your living room lights, or just because you want a robot to talk to — Apple's new device could be the one for you.

Should you buy a HomePod? It depends on what you want from your smart speaker.

Which HomePod color should you buy: White or space gray?

Most Apple products have a number of different options to choose from when making your purchasing decision, but not HomePod. Apple's smart speaker has just two versions: white, and space gray.

If you're considering a HomePod already, you probably have a color preference. But if you don't — or if you're torn — what should you consider?

Which HomePod color should you buy: White or space gray?

Should you buy multiple HomePod speakers?

If you've sold yourself on buying into Apple's HomePod ecosystem, you may now be asking yourself if a single speaker is enough for you. The short answer: It is. The longer answer: Well, you'll have to read on for that one!

Should you buy multiple HomePod speakers?

Should you buy AppleCare+ insurance for your HomePod?

Planning on buying HomePod and want to know if AppleCare+ is worth it? Here are the details you need to make the best choice!

Should you buy AppleCare+ insurance for your HomePod?

How to Buy HomePod

Made your decision on whether or not to pick up HomePod for your household? Here's what you need to know about buying it in the United States, UK, and Canada.

Which HomePod Accessories Should You Get?

Now that you've settled on buying a HomePod (or two), here are the accessories we think will go well with Apple's new smart speaker.

Which HomePod Accessories Should you Get?


Let us know below? And if you've decided to pick up a HomePod, don't forget to check out our setup guide:

How to set up HomePod

Serenity Caldwell contributed to an earlier version of this guide.

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