This may be an unpopular opinion around here (the iMore team loves the Instant Pot), but when faced with whether to spend my $100 on an Instant Pot or a Ninja Foodi, I went with the latter. Not because the sale is better (42% off vs. 54% off of the Instant Pot), but because the Ninja Foodi has more cooking variety.

Right now, the Ninja Foodi, normally $190, is on sale for $110, and the 7-in-1 model has a 5-quart ceramic-coated pot and 3-quart crisper basket. With it, you can pressure cook, air fry, steam, bake, slow cook, make yogurt, and saute.

Pressure and fryer

Ninja Foodi

A pressure cooker, air fryer, and crisper all in one.

While Instant Pot is the darling of kitchen gadgets, the Ninja Foodi has more to offer than just a pressure cooker.

Instant Pot's comparable 7-in-1 cooker usually is $140 but is on sale for $65. It has an 8-quart stainless steel pot and is a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, sauter, and yogurt maker.

#1 kitchen gadget

Instant Pot

The most popular convenience cooker around.

The Instant Pot has changed the way a lot of people cook and is so popular that there are entire websites dedicated to recipes, hacks, and how-tos.

The Instant Pot discount is bigger than the Ninja Foodi, and the end price you'd pay is lower, but the Ninja Foodi has a crisper and air fryer, which to me, makes it a more versatile cooking appliance.

I'd actually been avoiding the Instant Pot craze for the past year, mainly because, to me, the Instant Pot is just a pressure cooker with a great marketing campaign. It never seemed particularly special. On the other hand, the Ninja Foodi's crisper and air fryer have always intrigued me. I love the idea that, after pressure cooking my meats, I can crisp up the exterior without having to dirty up a pan on the stove. Just drop it into the crisping basket for a bit, and you'll get that nice seared texture.

Throw some sliced potatoes in that basket, and you've got yourself some slightly less fatty french fries to go with your main dish.

And that's why I bought the Ninja Foodi on Black Friday instead of the Instant Pot.

At such deep discounts, you could easily get away with buying both the Ninja Foodi and the Instant Pot and still pay less than you normally would for the Ninja Foodi. That's a pretty good deal.

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