Most important features coming to tvOS 12

I use my Apple TV every day. It's pretty much my main entertainment device — aside from maybe my Nintendo Switch - and I find it one of the best ways to consume media. It's super easy to buy or rent all my movies, catch up on the latest news with my favorite apps, and even play some casual games.

Although, tvOS 12 isn't bringing as many upgrades to the Apple TV as some of Apple's other platforms, there are still some reasons to get excited!

Dolby Atmos support

Obviously, this is probably the biggest news about tvOS 12 that most people will be excited about, and with good reason.

The Apple TV 4K already has Dolby Vision and with the addition of Dolby Atmos, its the first streaming device that will have both technologies, making it pretty much the top dog in the streaming world. Plus, if you've ever heard a surround sound system that is using Dolby Atmos, it sounds insanely good.

Of course, to take full advantage of Dolby Atmos, you need speakers that are compatible with the technology, which for me means I know what's going on my Christmas wishlist!

Zero Sign-On

It seems like just yesterday that Apple announced the single sign-on feature that allowed you to only have to enter your credentials just once, instead of with each app individually the idea, nevertheless zero sign-on is the bee's knees now!

Zero sign-on will allow the apps of TV providers will automatically log you in if you're one of their broadband customers. Zero sign-on will be officially coming to tvOS 12 later this year and Charter Spectrum (and its Spectrum TV app) will be the first supported service. Most likely, the zero sign-on feature will be embraced by other providers and I can't wait to just have my tv subscription apps load up ready to go with no waiting!

New screensaver photos

Okay, you can laugh all you want, but those aerial screenshots that you can use as the Apple TV screen saver are gorgeous, and I'm super excited for the new ones!

Thanks to some photography-loving astronauts on the International Space Station, Apple has put together stunning backgrounds for your Apple TV screensaver from orbit!

One other feature that's been added is the ability to see the location of where each photograph was taken appears on with just the tap of your Siri Remote while the screensaver is running. You can also swipe to see more screensaver options.

Are you excited for tvOS 12?

Let us know what features you're looking forward too in tvOs 12 in the comments down below!

Luke Filipowicz
Staff Writer

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