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A lot is going on in the Mac space thanks to last week's release of macOS Big Sur and the announcement of the first three Apple silicon products. This one-two punch should be more than enough to find huge discounts on certain Macs on and around Black Friday.

Not every retailer has announced Black Friday plans at the time of this writing. And yet, we already know how Best Buy plans on discounting the computers during the biggest shopping weekend of the year. We expect Amazon to offer similar deals in the coming days, as well as other retailers.

Which Macs to buy on Black Friday

Let's start with the obvious. With the new M1 Macs arriving on the market, Black Friday is likely to b a great time to purchase the models each replaced. This includes entry-level versions of the MacBook Air (early 2020), 13-inch MacBook Pro (early 2020), and Mac mini (2018).

Beyond this, look for possible discounts on older Macs that haven't yet gotten the Apple silicon treatment but probably will in 2021. These include the 16-inch MacBook Pro (2019) and 21.5-inch iMac (2019).

At Best Buy, you can expect to find discounts up to $250 on select MacBook Pro models and $200 savings on certain MacBook Air models.

13-inch MacBook Pro (early 2020)

Always a best-seller, these final entry-level Intel-based 13-inch MacBook Pro models are a terrific choice that should provide years of fun and performance.

MacBook Air (early 2020)

The same size as the 13-inch MacBook Pro, this final Intel-based MacBook Air still packs a bunch is makes a great gift for anyone on your list.

Mac mini (2018)

Add your own mouse, keyboard, and monitor, of course, and you have one powerful machine. For business and personal use alike, the Mac mini is a 24/7 workhorse.

Which Macs to skip buying on Black Friday

If you have your mindset on buying one of the new M1 Macs, go ahead and do it. However, don't expect to receive a discount on the MacBook Air (late 2020), 13-inch MacBook Pro (late 2020), or Mac mini (2020). These products are only now arriving on the market, and at least initially, they might be in short supply.

I'd also add the Mac Pro (2019) to the list of Apple computers not likely to get a discount during the holiday season. The one-of-a-kind device is not marketed to the consumer market and probably won't see a price drop. The iMac Pro (2017) is also not likely to get a discount for the same reason. And yet, given its age, it might be wise to look.

What about buying through Apple?

You can't purchase new, discontinued Macs directly through Apple, and the company doesn't usually offer Black Friday discounts on current models. Its plans for this year, however, haven't yet been announced, so stay tuned. Your best bet for finding discounts on Macs during Black Friday is to shop at Apple resellers.

So much to see

Black Friday remains one day on the calendar. And yet, Black Friday sales happen before and after the unofficial event. Be sure to check out our latest Black Friday news for the newest deals available.

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