Wolfenstein: The New Colossus for Nintendo Switch: Tips, tricks, and cheats

The time has finally come. Nintendo Switch owners now have the opportunity to judiciously dispatch Nazis in Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus. It's a fantastic game that's loads of fun to play and is populated by amazing characters. However, it can also be a bit tough at times. If you are looking for some tips on perfecting your Nazi smashing skill, we have you covered.

Health and Armor

One important thing to know is how health and armor work in Wolfenstein 2. Depending on where you are at in the progression of the game you will have a base health number. However, you can "overcharge" your health up to twice that base number. So if your base health is 100 you can overcharge that number up to 200 by picking up health packs or food. However, when you are overcharged, your health will slowly drop back down to your base number. So when you finish off all the fascists in one area, it's a good idea to grab all the health packs you can and dive right into combat in the next area.

The armor mechanic works just as you might expect it to. It's a buffer between the damage you take and your health total. You can up your armor by picking up scraps of metal and various other pieces of ephemera that you blast off of the Nazi hordes. Just like the health packs, once you have cleared out an area, it's a good idea to spend a moment picking up all the goodies you see before you dive into the next combat zone.

Weapon Upgrades

As you explore the game, you will hopefully find weapon upgrade kits scattered around the maps. Keep an eye out for these babies and grab one every time you see it. The upgrade kits can be used to upgrade your weapons, just as the name suggests. I would recommend playing the game for a little bit before completely committing to any upgrades. Get a sense for your particular playstyle. If you find that you love using the shotgun, then that's probably a great weapon to dump your upgrades into. If you never find yourself using the submachine guns, it would be a waste to upgrade them. All that being said, I would say that your first upgrade should be to put a silencer on your pistols so you can always take out a few guys in silence.


While Wolfenstein 2 isn't exactly designed for stealth mechanics, it can be amazingly beneficial to move in silence whenever you can. Just about every new area has at least one Nazi commander. These guys are the only characters whom can sound an alarm to alert everyone in the area to your presence. Because of this, taking the commanders out should always be a priority in each zone. One of the best ways to take out commanders is by utilizing stealth. Keep low by crouching and pay attention to the marker on the top of the screen which will help you to find the commanders. Once you have them in sight, you can throw an axe, use a stealth hand-to-hand attack, or shoot them down with a silenced pistol. Now that the commanders aren't around to sound an alarm you can methodically wipe out the rest of the baddies in peace.


I really like the way the perks work in Wolfenstein 2. Rather than acquiring perk points and having to remember to go into a menu somewhere and apply the points where you want them, in this game perks are automatically granted based on your play style. If you want more Stealth perks, then you simply have to make more stealth kills. The same goes for the Tactical and Mayhem perk trees. It's a good idea to go into the perks menu and take a look at the different trees. That way you can adjust your play style in order to get the perks you are wanting.

Save Save Save

This last tip should go without saying. However, it a world where so many games have an autosave feature I can sometimes forget about the manual save. In Wolfenstein 2, you can do a manual save pretty much any time you choose. Since this option is available I recommend that you do it as frequently as you can remember. There are some grueling portions of this game and it's a shame when you lose all your progress because you forgot that you can save manually.

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus is one heck of a game. It can be a lot of fun turning Nazis into a fine pink mist. It becomes even more fun when you have a nice firm grasp of how the mechanics of the game work so that you can utilize every bit of it to your benefit. Now get out there and give those fascists what for.

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Jaz Brown