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What you need to know

  • A Texas woman had her Christmas decorations stolen but was able to locate them thanks to AirTags.
  • AirTags had been attached to the decorations following a similar theft at a neighbor's home.

A Texas woman was able to track down her stolen Grinch Christmas decorations by employing the help of a few AirTags, she said in a now-removed TikTok that managed to go viral to the tune of more than 8 million views.

The story goes, according to the New York Post, that Nyssa Galvan had her garden decorations stolen around 2 am on Tuesday of this week. The theft happened a couple of days after a neighbor had their decorations stolen — a move that led Galvan to attach an AirTag to hers. Sure enough, once the thief struck, she was able to locate them using the Find My app on her iPhone.

Grinch Christmas DecorationsSource: @latoxicanys

Unfortunately, despite alerting police, the decorations weren't recovered.

"We went to the address of the trackers and called the cops," the digital detective penned in her TikTok.

However, despite finding her inflatables alongside a host of other presumably stolen Christmas doodads, Galvan said law enforcement >was unable to recover the goods.

"[The residents] didn't answer their door so [the police] couldn't just go busting down their door," she explained in the comments section of her post.

This Christmas story does have a happy ending, though. Galvan later confirmed that "The Grinch back," although she didn't elaborate on exactly how that was achieved.

So there we have it. Now might be a good time to stick an AirTag to anything and everything — but be sure to check out our collection of the best AirTag deals available today before you do!