WWDC 2013 and iOS 7: What we didn't get

WWDC 2013 brought with it this year a dizzying number of changes from new MacBook Airs to OS X Mavericks and more. Undoubtedly, the largest announcement was iOS 7 which brings with it an all new flattened interface, lots of new features, and improvements upon older ones.

We talked about all our iOS 7 wants over the past several months. You guys gave your feedback too. Now that we know what iOS 7 brings to the table, let's take a look at what we wanted, but didn't get this time around.

As always, iOS 7 is in its infancy stages so it's important to remember that lots of stuff can and probably will change before the final release. For now, we'll just gauge off what we know so far.

Actionable notifications

One of the biggest items on our bucket list for years now has been better control over notifications. As of iOS 6, the only way to interact with a notification is to either dismiss it or open it. Unfortunately, it looks like not too much of this has changed in iOS 7 either.

The biggest request when it comes to actionable notifications in iOS has got to be quick reply for messaging. Instead of having to dismiss a text message or launch into the actual messaging app, a way to reply without disrupting what you are doing would be an ideal solution. It's also one that apps like BiteSMS has been able to solve for years. The Mac got it in Mavericks this time around, why not iOS?

Actionable notifications would also come in handy for things like calendar appointments, alarms, and more. As far as we can see, iOS 7 still uses a lot of the same notification schemes that its older sibling, iOS 6 uses, and that's a shame.

Control Center may give us quicker access to common toggles the way SBSettings has for years, but it still doesn't allow us to interact with incoming notifications any better as they happen.

Better email attachment handling

Managing email attachments in iOS has always been painful. Actually, if you want to be bluntly honest, there is no way to feasibly manage attachments in iOS and it doesn't look like iOS 7 will be changing that.

The same options for inserting a photo or video still appear but when it comes to saving attachments or managing them any better, you'll still need an external third party app in order to do any kind of saving and organizing.

I did however notice in the first build that when you go to edit email attachments in iOS 7, there is a section that appears for attachments. I can't yet figure out how to use it, or the functionality just isn't there quite yet.

Either way, there's no new options at this point and it's unclear how Apple plans to allow us to use the cryptic Attachments section in Mail.

Files.app or some kind of document management system

There has never been a way in iOS to natively handle documents. Sure iWork and other third party apps can readily handle documents and are more than up for the task but why can't I have a centralized location in order to store all my documents?

We have a Photos app in order to better manage and organize photos, it's about time we got the same for documents and other kinds of files.

There are numerous times that I simply forget what program I was working on a document in, or where I saved it. I then have to sift through iBooks, Pages, Dropbox, and Evernote to figure out where I decided to save that PDF someone sent me.

Instead, I want to go to one centralized location where all my files are housed, launch a share sheet, and choose what app I want to open that document in or how I want to share it.

Safari download manager

When you download a file through mobile Safari, whether that's an image or a PDF, you're forced to choose what app you want to open it with. That means for photos you'll need to save it to your camera roll and for PDFs, you'll be forced to leave Safari and open it in iBooks or another comparable program.

A downloads manager would allow downloading files not to interfere with what you're doing. Photos don't necessarily interfere but to make sure it downloaded, I do have to leave the browser in order to enter Photos.app and make sure the image actually saved.

There has been several occasions where I've just trusted the save to camera roll feature only to find later on that the image never actually downloaded. A downloads manager within Safari would solve this problem and allow you a way to quickly access all your downloads in one place at the same time. That means those photos you downloaded or the PDFs that you don't remember what app you've opened them in would all be accessible and findable in one location.

Mutable sounds while in a call

The most irritating thing in existence is when you're on a phone call and text messages, emails, and other notifications continue to sound off in your ear. Not only does it not make sense for your ear to vibrate, it's very distracting when you're on important calls.

Can I at least have the option to finally disable this annoying behavior in Settings? As far as I'm aware, there is no setting I can find in iOS 7 and while on calls, I'm still facing the same annoying vibrations and notifications while on a call.

What did you want?

While we got a lot of things in iOS 7 that we did want, we know a lot of customer wants were still left out.

These are the things we really wanted to see make an appearance that didn't make the cut. Is there anything you really wanted to see that you also didn't see any sign of during the iOS 7 announcement? Sound off in the comments below!

If you missed any of today's event, make sure you check out all our WWDC 2013 coverage for more news about iOS 7, OS X Mavericks, and more!