No matter how nicely AirPods fit, no matter how well they stay in, there's always this looming fear that one of them will fall out, or even that we'll set down the pair and one bud will go missing. With this FONY AirPods Magnetic strap, you'll never have to worry again about losing a single pod. And this Cyber Monday they're on sale for more than 60% off.

FONY AirPods Magnetic Strap

FONY AirPods Magnetic Strap

Keep your AirPods strapped together. They may no longer be wireless, but at least you'll never lose one of them.

The strap is made from soft silicone and has magnetic tips, so when you're not wearing them in your ears, you can dangle them around your neck like a necklace. They come in a variety of colors, all on sale for Cyber Monday.

This FONY magnetic strap normally ranges in price from $10 to $16 but its on sale for $7 this Cyber Monday. Plus you can get 10% off each when you purchase two or more FONY items (not just these AirPod straps), so you can essentially get a discount of up to nearly 70% off if you're a savvy shopper.

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These work by slipping the AirPods stem into the magnetic base of the strap. Two small round magnets connect the buds when they're not in use.

If you worry about losing one of your AirPods while running, working out, or just while lying around the house, this inexpensive little strap will out your mind at ease.

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