FaceTime on mint mobileSource: iMore

What you need to know

  • Anyone wanting to use FaceTime on the big screen can use an Xbox.
  • Xboxes have USB ports so a webcam can be connected.
  • The built-in Microsoft Edge browser allows people to join FaceTime calls.

There is currently no way to use FaceTime on an Apple TV, but it turns out you can use it just fine if you're willing to plug a webcam into your Xbox. If you really, really must.

The process of getting FaceTime up and running on an Xbox is surprisingly simple, actually. One Reddit user has shown how it's done — just plug a Logitech C930 webcam into an Xbox and then use the Microsoft Edge browser to join an emailed FaceTime link. That's it.

Facetime In XboxSource: u/JavonTEvans

The whole thing works thanks to iOS 15's support for FaceTime calls in the browser, something that is being leveraged here. That means that anyone can join a FaceTime call so long as they have a camera and a web browser — two things the webcam addition means the Xbox can check off without too much fuss.

Just as MacRumors points out, the lack of a USB port on the Apple TV means that this is a non-starter on Apple's little black puck, although using something like /AirPLay does offer some sort of workaround. You'll still need an Apple device to hand, of course, something that sort of ruins the point somewhat.