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What you need to know

  • An AirTag user has accidentally uncovered a hidden developer mode for the device.
  • A user got so frustrated with the device not connecting that they uncovered a secret hidden mode that shows a slew of information about the device.

A frustrated user of Apple's AirTag has accidentally uncovered a secret hidden developer menu.

Reddit user 'cyem' posted Wednesday stating:

My experience of AirTags thus far has been underwhelming - the first one out of the box failed to pair four times in a row when it was sitting on top of the phone. Now that it is finally connected, anything outside of 0.8m/2.6ft away shows as a weak signal and when I can get a signal, there is never an arrow. Funnily enough, I tapped on my name about five times in frustration, and found what appears to be a hidden developer mode. Even more interesting, the arrow appears to actually be working underneath - just not in the normal mode.

A video posted to YouTube by Alex Magri-Olson (presumably the same person) reveals a special AirTags mode with annotations, diagnostic information, and data from the iPhone's various gyroscopes and monitors.

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Apple announced its AirTags at the April Spring loaded event. They can be used to track valuable items like bags, keys, wallets, and more, and come with a host of accessories, a list of which you can find in our best accessories for AirTags round-up.

Airtag Single Select 202104 Fv

Apple AirTag

Bottom line: For iPhone owners, this is the best item tracker on the market right now. With simple pairing and easy-to-use software, AirTags are a kind excellent Apple product of the same vintage as Apple's AirPod family.

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