With the launch of iOS 13, iPadOS 13, and tvOS 13, along with the subsequent release of Apple Arcade, now is a great time for games on Apple's mobile platforms. The latest updates for these systems brought, among other things, support for Microsoft's official Xbox One Wireless Controller. You can grab the controller for $39 right now this Black Friday.

Xbox + Apple Arcade

Xbox One Wireless Controller

Xbox One Wireless Controller

Get a little Xbox in your Apple Arcade.

The Xbox One Wireless Controller is one of the new options for pairing with your iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV, and is a great choice for playing many of the 100+ games available on Apple Arcade.

While Sony made ergonomic strides with the DualShock 4 over its previous controllers, for my money, Microsoft continues to reign supreme when it comes to comfortable gaming with a controller. I prefer the asymmetrical stick layout, and the overall larger frame of the controller is more comfortable in my hands.

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Like the DualShock, the Xbox One Wireless Controller can connect to non-console devices using Bluetooth. tvOS 13 also includes instructions specifically for connecting the Xbox controller to your Apple TV, and it's just as easy to pair it to your iPhone or iPad.

Pick up one of the best game controllers out there and get your order in before Black Friday is over.

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