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What you need to know

  • YouTuber channel MegaLag sent an AirTag to Apple CEO Tim Cook to see where it went.
  • The AirTag was returned to the YouTuber a few weeks later with a letter.
  • An AirTag was also sent to Elon Musk but never came back.

We've already seen various people send AirTags through the mail to see where they went, but now someone has sent one home — to Apple CEO Tim Cook. What's more, the AirTag was returned with a letter from Apple.

YouTube channel MegaLag was behind the stunt as spotted by 9to5Mac, with AirTags also sent to Tesla CEO Elon Musk and somewhere in North Korea. The last one simply disappeared, while Musk seemingly didn't care for his gift and it was last seen at a recycling facility. Apple, or more specifically the 'Office of the CEO' was much more impressed.

The full story spans two videos that I've embedded here, but the short version is that the AirTag that was sent to Apple Park did indeed get there before being returned to MegaLag — complete with a letter.

Ever wondered if you could track a parcel using one of Apple's AirTags? Well in this episode I sent three! One to North Korea, one to Tim Cook at Apple, and one to Elon Musk at SpaceX. This opens a whole new world to tracking post! It was a wild journey. Strap yourself in and enjoy!

After shipping an AirTag to Tim Cook, Elon Musk and North Korea, a lot of interesting things happened. In this video I follow up on what exactly happened with the AirTag parcels.

The letter that the YouTuber received thanked them for sharing the details of their project and went on to point out that Tim Cook is very busy. It seems the AirTag never reached his desk, but the fact the AirTag was returned at all is a pretty great ending to the story.

Dear Jonathan,

Thank you for sharing about your project for Apple AirTags. We're delighted to hear about creative uses for AirTags and how they can improve our customers' lives. As you can imagine, Mr. Cook receives hundreds of letters each month from customers like yourself. Unfortunately he is unable to respond to every request. But we hope you continue to enjoy your AirTag as it returns from its unique journey across the world!

While we wouldn't suggest anyone sends AirTags to people to see what happens, anyone who does should make sure they check out our AirTag deals before they do.