ZENandTECH 07: Mental beach-ball

Like the spinning hourglass or beachball on a computer, our heads can get stuck stuck thinking the same negative thoughts over and over again. This week on ZENandTECH, Georgia and Rene discuss ways to figure out why you're perseverating and how you can deal with it.

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What is mental clutter

  • Anything that keeps cycling in our mind and we cant seem to let go of it.
  • Sometimes triggered by a past event or perhaps it is something that has just occurred.
  • A recent even or personal encounter count trigger something from childhood.
  • Causes us distress and doesn’t leave our mind like other life events.

Why do we get mental clutter?

  • It's actually Beneficial.
  • Most things that have evolved because it helps protect us.
  • They helped the organism survive and reproduce.

If it was a detriment to us in the long run it probably wouldn’t have stayed with us. So there is probably a evolutionary benefit to this type of mental clutter occurrence.

Cognitive restructuring

Strength of feeling (%)What happenedWhy do I feel this?SolutionOutcomesUpdated feeling (%)
  • Every night pick one thought or feeling that is cycling through your head and causing you stress
  • Rank the level of stress it's causing you
  • Write down what happened to cause it
  • Write down why you think what happened caused you to feel the way you do
  • Write down potential solutions
  • Try the solutions!
  • Write down the outcome of your trial solution
  • Rank the level of stress after you've tried the solution

If you don't feel better, repeat the process and try a different solution, even if that solution is acceptance that there is no ideal solution.

Thought journal

  • Write down your cognitive restructuring each night.
  • Look for patterns, things that are similar in nature.

These are usually our “wounds” things that we have not dealt with or have been hurt from when we were younger.

Tech picks

If it's too hard to write in a journal, try voice-to-text software!

  • Android has voice-to-text built in
  • There's Vlingo for Android, iPhone, (Windows Mobile, Nokia)
  • Dragon Dictation is great for Mac/PC and iPhone/iPad

You also could try a convenient place to work

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