Georgia and Rene talk about Siri, and about human communication -- why it's important, what challenges we face, and how to become better at it. This is ZENandTECH!

Why is communication important?

The manner in which we interact with the world is so very important to who we are and how we feel about ourselves.

What's the difference between positive, neutral, and negative interactions?

  • Do you leave an interaction and think to yourself, how did I look, Did I look smart, did I win that argument, did I come off as witty and intelligent? That may lead to winning battles but losing the war.

  • Instead, consider how you left the other person, feeling validated, listened to, empowered?

How can I accomplish more in my personal interactions?

  • Set goals! Think backwards! What do you want from this interaction? Do you want the person to enjoy the time with you and want to spend more of it?

What steps should I take to make others feel better about my communications?

  1. Smile. (Appropriately!)
  2. Say the other persons name in conversation. (Sparingly!)
  3. Listen when they speak. (Don't just wait for you next turn to speak.)
  4. Compliment them. (Sincerely!)
  5. Ask questions about what interests them (Attentively!)
  6. Breathe.(Consistently!)
  7. Pause. (Judiciously!)

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