Amazing guitar solo performed with only the GarageBand app and an iPad [video]

We know that Apple’s GarageBand has the potential to be able to create great pieces of music, for those talented enough be able to use it properly. One of those people is George Lambro who has created a mesmerizing guitar solo backed by drums and bass. All of the instruments were played using the GarageBand app on his iPad.

This is me creating a jam track with apple's Garageband app for the iPad and then shredding a guitar solo over it! I am sorry about the bad video quality, but i could not find a way to record iPad's screen in a fast framerate. Anyway i believe you will get the idea. Hope you enjoy!

Take a look at the video after the break then let us know what you think. Have any of our readers managed to get GarageBand performing as good? Let us know in the comments!

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Reader comments

Amazing guitar solo performed with only the GarageBand app and an iPad [video]


Meh, pentatonic scale. Not really impressive considering he is using the easiest solo scale out there. A simple 5 min lesson and you could do the same as long as you hit your accent notes.

I think the purpose of the video was more about how easy it is to create music on the iPad, not about his musical talent. Secondly, there's far more to producing a good solo than knowing a scale. Technique, timing, placement and other things are important.

It's a great song! Nothing wrong with the pentatonic scale and talent doesn't necessarily mean it has to be difficult...
GarageBand on the iPad is really very cool. I've got a bunch of songs in there. When work is super stressful, I take a 10 min break, put on my headphones and create something new, or work on my epic opus :) I can actually make music anywhere, and then when I get home, add in my own guitar parts with the iRig. Best $4 I ever spent haha.

I'm really interested in listening to any work you have produced with Garageband in the iPad.
Clearly you will be abel to do more with it as it's so easy an anyone can learn it in 5 minutes!
I await the link to listen to your work so I can compare the two!

Eh, I have years exp playing a real guitar, so I guess that's why it's not impressive to me. I don't get impressed by rock band videos either and I don't understand those that do, but to each their own. I have an ipad, and the garage band app, but didn't spend much time with it as I couldn't figure out how to change neck positions on the guitar so I went back to some TD game.

I've been shredding for a good time now and I understand what you mean. I agree that "this" one position pentatonic and a bunch of hammering is in no way an "amazing" solo. Even if you only can play on one position, you will have 2 octaves and be able to apply, pentatonic, diatonic, harmonic min, diminished (with trouble), augmented, chromatic (with care), natural min, etc. scales (he could have used a lot of string skipping and passing tones too!). However, there is nothing wrong with the pentatonic scale, it is how and how much you use it. Shawn Lane is one badass guitar player and loved pentatonic (and augmented) scales. He loved intervals of P4 to give it a very unique sound.
Mi point is:
1.- Pentatonic is just a scale, neither good nor bad until we start using it.
2.- It is impossible to criticize someones guitar solo without hurting feeling (it hurts bad and to the soul!) and sounding like an asshole (like saying that someone's child is ugly).
3.- Playing for years doesn't mean that you're an amazing musician. 20 years of "playing guitar" can be blown out of the water by 4 years in a decent conservatory Studying music theory and guitar (only regarding to correct technique and music theory, not necessarily in talent or originality). Some great players that didn't know that a "cadential six four is a double suspension of five) but are worth millions in originality: SRV, Jimmy Hendrix, Marty Friedman, BB King (I don't like his music but he is a guitar legend), etc.

Many of the best guitar solos and the best guitarists ever, including Jimi Hendrix, Clapton and Page used pentatonic scales to create their solos. They may have used the odd note from another scale or mode, but for the most part, its pentatonic.

Evidently spas2k is masquerading as Yngwie Malmsteen on Tipb...jackass.
Sure it's a simple pentatonic minor scale but he doesn't exactly have the whole fretboard at his fingertips. Besides, most guitar players who brag or talk trash usually don't live up to their own hype.
It sounds like you're a legend in your own mind.

That was f'ing amazing!! Of course there will always be a$$holes who have bad things to say for no reason. Some people feel better by trying to take away from what others can accomplish. Anyway! It was really SICK! I definitely need to step up my guitar solos now that I've seen what can be done with this thing!!

I have been searching for a good user's guide for GB on the Ipad 2. Can someone please pot a link or advise where I can find one. Thanks in advance.

That's really cool. It shows the potential of GarageBand, but also the talent of the guy who did the track. The backing is simple but cleverly laid out, and nice solo work. Funny to see pitch bends happening right next to the nut! (physically impossible but on a real guitar you'd be playing that note halfway up the fingerboard) This video would be great to show students how to layer up a song and the kind of thing possible on iPad GarageBand.

Thought i'd point out that Its a slowed down guitar-picking version of "Love the way you lie" by rihanna and eminem. Listen carefully ;)

This is why the iPad is the best tablet out there... It's just like I see the Mac has always been. It's creative, you can go out and buy whatever Android Honeycomb tablet you'd like and say "wow cool widgets" and dump all over apple for those features, but widgets and all that other stuff is nothing if you don't have apps that actually do something. Widgets are nice, notifications too, but we can make music on this thing. And it's inspiring. And to all those above, sure he's using a Pentatonic scale. So what? It's music. The Beatles used simple C Major chord progressions, Charlie Parker used a simple twelve bar blues. It doesn't matter how sophisticated it is, it's music.

It's funny, because garage band lays the guitar out the way it does, it's pretty similar to the piano and that would be about page 6 of a beginners book if it were. Except doing another one with your other hand. Piano players FTW.

Ok, maybe my previous comment was a bit harsh. This song reminds me of doo doo. I do find it incredible that we have devices that can do these things though, even if it's just impressive doo doo music.

I was watching, thinking, "Yeah, I've been doing that too." Until the guitar solo. Yowza!!! Kid has skills. I have to practice more!

Very impressed! Would love to see those who are trying to downplay how awesome this is do any better instead of sitting insecurely behind a screen in their mother's basement.

Well spas2k is singularly unimpressed by anything save for his own assumed talent on the guitar. Any guitarist worth their salt (or anyone involved in any way with music) should be encouraging other people with their work no matter how they get there. The video was of some-one managing to find their way around a music application, not a demonstration of outstanding guitarist skills. As a previous comment said, if you are so good spas2k, post your own video. As for moving up and down the neck, look at Jimi Hendrix and his guitar solo at Woodstock. He never moves out of the box. Pity we aren't all as talented as spas2k whose comments were condescending and negative. The video revealed to me how much you can do with a simple app and was inspiring. Hats off!