App Giveaway: Templates for Keynote for iPad

If you've ever felt that the 12 templates that come with Apple's Keynote app for iPas isn't enough, it's time to take a look at Templates for Keynote. It comes with 36 templates and over 600 slides that can be quickly exported into Keynote for iPad.

Keynote users, this app is a must-have! All of the templates are beautifully designed and will help your presentations stand out. Not to mention, it's super easy to use: just select the template you wish to use and select "Open in Keynote". Within seconds, your new presentation is underway!

Templates for Keynote Pro is designed to supplement the basic 12 templates included with Apple`s Keynote application on the iPad. With more than 600 different slides the template collection significantly expands the possibilities for creating stylish, effective presentations. Templates for Keynote Pro features now 36 different templates, each of which provides slides for graphics, pictures, tables, diagrams, charts, quotes, and more. Themes are quickly exportable into Keynote.

  • 6 different categories
  • 36 diverse templates (from simple to sophisticated, from fancy to functional)
  • Over 600 slides (Tables, charts, pictures, quotes, overviews, summaries, processes and much more)
  • Quick look and support of fullscreen preview
  • Super fast export to Keynote (all templates are optimized for your iPad®)


The good folks at emend Media have supplied us with 5 promo codes to hand out to our wonderful readers! For a chance to win, just let us know what you create Keynote presentations for: is it school, work, fun? Sound off in the comments below!

Templates for Keynote is available on the iPad for $4.99.

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Reader comments

App Giveaway: Templates for Keynote for iPad


I would use these templates for presentations for work. I have been using keynote to run presentations I put together from my Mac but these templates may be the push I need to use my iPad for presentation production.

use keynote in my work environment as an operations trainer with a workforce of around 1,400. my ipad allows me the mobility to conduct training EVERYWHERE, including using keynote to demonstrate or present vital information.

I've used mine for presentations at school and also work. I've showed my professors how easy it is to use keynote on the iPad. They were amazed and started using using it for their presentations. Maybe I should charge them for the education I'm giving them.

I could use this + keynote to create presentations for school and to showcase projects i've been working on to my boss at work!

I use it for real estate and real estate training. I beam the presentation to a projector. It is a great tool!! More templates would make it even better.

I am fairly new to Keynotes but I find it extremely easy to use. I use it for presentations to educate Doctors and sleep techs on Obstructive sleep apnea, it's treatment and the dangers of not treating it. I really found it helpful to use Keynotes Remote on my IPod Touch to remotely control the Keynotes presentation. The additional templates would allow me to create additional presentations for the public as well.

Work! Mostly. I made a presentation for my boss to convince them to buy my co workers iPads. Hope it works!!!

I create Keynote presentations for my work with Athletes in Action. During our weekly meetings I control the slides with my iPhone.

For a rolling tech description of my Porsche race car when it is on display somewhere (much better than a printed sheet in the windscreen)

work work work! I have to do 3 presentations weekly; one to my boss, one for my boss for his boss and one for the sales team! (whew!) it would be great to look creative on a consistent basis! pick me (pretty please)

I use keynote to present my literary analysis, reports, and researches. Generally used also forschoolwork

I use my iPad and Keynote to give my lectures for a MUsic Appreciation class at the community college. I have also given presentations to other faculty, staff and students on music, art, technology, etc.
These themes would such a welcome change!
Thanks for the give-away!

I use the keynote for medical presentation at school and also to give out research notes and progresses of breast cancer (my current research)

I use Keynote for iPad for High School... I think it's the best presentation program ever on a OSX and on iOS! It's so much sleeker than Powerpoint !

Work = Presentations ... it's not enough to have great accomplishments, you need to trumpet it from the rooftops with powerpoint. I'll use this to work from anywhere. Thanks!

I am a physician and use Keynote constantly to develop new lectures for my residents. In addition, I have shown them how to use their brand new iPad 2's (provided by the hospital) to create short presentations 'on demand' for students and even patients. Keynote for the iPad has been a dream and new templates only makes it better.

I use keynote for school and work. Sadly however, I am often forced to use powerpoint in for the lack of themes.

I use it for work and pleasure and it's great. However, even if I win I bet the promo codes don't work in the Blighty App Store! :-(
Anyway, here's hoping!

I volunteer for the American Cancer Society's "Relay For Life." I use Keynote to create a music "video" of photos taken during the event.

I use it to provide coaching to businesses to help them recover from the Christchurch earthquakes

I create for work, but if I win, I will create one on how many of these contests I enter and show this as the only one I ever won. It would even include a pie chart :)

I use Keynote as a presentation tool for two different start-ups I'm involved with. Coupled with the keynote remote app on my iPhone 4 it is a fantastic, smooth, easy to use presentation tool.
Would love to win some more templates.

I use it for both work and school. Creating Keynotes on the go make things so much easier and having more that just 12 layouts would make them much more interesting!

Wouldn't mind having more options to use in presenting to my driver ed students in class. I hope to win.

I use Keynote to provide our sales force with powerful sales presentations that they can deliver to potential customers in a convenient way - on the shop floor, in the car, or at the customer's desk.
The customers are impressed with the advanced technology and convenience, and are more likely to buy from us as a result.

I give presentations to patients and doctors a like. This app would be fantastic for my job. Hope to win

I use Keynote to make tech presentations to my school staff. I can always use more templates. Thanks for the chance to win!

This would be awesome. I have Keynote, and I give several presentations a week. But I haven't made the jump from Powerpoint to Keynote yet. Maybe this would be the kick in the pants I need to jump ship. I create and give presentations for my job....educating people on how to grow lawns, golf courses, and sports fields.

I am in my last year of college and there are a lot of requirements for presentations and I would much rather use my ipad to make them happen!

I use keypad for output displays of my Celebrate Recovery software at my church. It has an awesome blessing to use and I have highly recommended it to others IPad users?

All of my lectures (philosophy) are created in keynote, which is a great attention-getter, since the entire student body is equipped with windows machines . . . so Office/PowerPoint, not Keynote, leaving them largely unaware that presentations can be attractive as well as informative.
I also export my slide decks as PDFs for student notes, so student exposure extends beyond the hour-long presentation itself. The snazzy graphics and transitions (1) are super easy to work with, saving me loads of learning time and (2) capture the attention of students, making it a tiny bit easier to grab them with the material itself. (Every advantage matters.)

I use keynote for presentations at work. I am a healthcare administrator and I enjoy ease and portability with my iPad to be useful tool to effectively deliver educational material to my audiences.

I use key note for my presentations regarding my social work of public awareness programmes . It is voluntary non commercial work. .