App Giveaway: Twittelator Neue for iPhone

Twittelator Neue is a gorgeous Twitter client for iPhone. We have listed Twittelator Neue as one of the Top 10 best alternative Twitter apps for iPhone and we're excited to give it away!

As Rene said, Twittelator Neue is pure eye candy. Everything about it is just gorgeous and it's by far my favorite app for browsing Twitter. One of my favorite features is the way it displays in-line photos. Most twitter apps show a tiny thumbnail of the photo, but Twittelator Neue shows a slice of the photo that's just as wide as your timeline and as you scroll through your timeline, the image also scrolls in the background so that you slowly pan through the image through that slice. My description doesn't give it justice - it really is beautiful. Even the sounds are cool.

Twittelator Neue is lacking in a few features like native push, but it's only at version 1.0.5 and I look forward to what's to come.

Where other Twitter clients think alike, we chose to think different. There's the all-new Timeline Photos, which actually lets you see what your friends are tweeting about. Then there's Multiple Timelines, which lets you easily keep up with what's up. Perhaps you have a blog, band, or other alter-ego that has tweets of its very own. Multiple Accounts in Twittelator Neue will handle them all with ease; SimulTweet makes posting the same tweet from all of your multiple-personalities a breeze. The innovative features in Twittelator Neue are sure to delight.

  • Timeline Photos
  • Multiple Timelines – Add lists, searches, and other tweets alongside your Main Timeline.
  • Multiple Accounts
  • SimulTweet
  • Conversation View
  • Website Previews
  • Drafts
  • ReadItLater, OmniFocus, and Instapaper support
  • Post images and movies to your choice of media host
  • Tweet with your location
  • Support for Tweet Marker
  • And a whole lot more!


The good folks at Big Stone Phone have given us promo codes to give away Twittelator Neue to 5 lucky readers! For a chance to win, just leave a comment below!

Twittelator Neue is available on the iPhone for $1.99.

Have an app you'd love to see featured on TiPb? Email us at, tell us about your app (include an iTunes link), and we'll take a look.

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Joseph says:

Looking for a new Twitter client. Always looking to change it up! Twittelator Neue seems like a very nice one... Well if I win, I guess I will see!

Murphypr76 says:

I'd love to try it. TwitBird is full of bugs.

Mrjoakim says:

Yes please! Looks great!

Ikendrickd says:

This looks like an AWESOME twitter app!!!

Mrjoakim says:

Yes Please, looks great!

Patrick says:

Curious how this will compare next to NewNewTwitter and TweetBot.

Carolyn Hayes says:

I'd love to check it out! My past faves, Echofon and Twitbird havve stopped updating.

latinatwix28 says:

i want it... looks gorgeous...

markie68 says:

Have many of the associated Twitter-like apps and this sounds like it could be a new "top dog"!!! Would love to have and use the newest on the block! Thank you coming through again with great info!!

Kylealanr says:

Looks great, need a new twitter client #dickapp

Jacob Ward says:

Awesome giveaway and awesome app! :)

Sarah says:

I'm a huge Twitter and iPhone user. I have been searching for the past 6 months for a decent Twitter app. Unfortunately, most of them are disorganized & unappealing. My nerdy heart skipped a beat when I saw this. I would love to have this.
You guys are great!

papasmurfrock says:

While I love Tweetbot, I'd like to try this!

RevJar says:

I wonder...could this replace me using TweetBot? Only if I win. ;-)

Bacco says:

Looks great...I'd love one of these

Topher78916 says:

Id like to try this app, wondering if it's better than tweetings.

Arfranklin says:

I love all Big Stone Apps!!

Fornate says:

Sweet eye candy! Can I has?

Arfranklin says:

I love all Big Stone Apps!

h.dambrosio1 says:

I'm a die hard tweetbot fan, but with this new app I am excited for the first time in the age of twitter.

Drivera219 says:

I have twittelator pro. I hope neue is just as good or better.

Tugs4Life says:

Looks like a great app! Would love to try it!

MithSeka says:

I've always loved this app. It's just a bit pricey IMO. So I hope I win.

Tugs4Life says:

Looks like a great app! Would love to try it

Asorenson15 says:

Just converted to Tweetbot. Would love to give this app a try!

Vegas513 says:

I need a new twitter app...thank you!

Hedwig Guerra says:

Great job on the giveaways. Keep 'em coming! and sign me up for this one too!

lb says:

would love to win Twittelator!

Vladrac says:

Please for me, twitter addict.

Fenderguy72 says:

This looks cool. Me likey:)

Michael S. says:

I'm a Twitter client nerd, I love trying them out. Would love to give this one a shot!

Michael S. says:

Am a Twitter client nerd, would love to try this one out!

Ginbill says:

I'm going to have to agree with Rene, this app is gorgeous!

José Uribe Damián says:

It will look amazing on my iPhone 4S

James Carmichael says:

this cn b my xmas gift yeah!!!!!

john phillip says:

is there any more ???????????///

Jheri Evans says:

gahhh i wish there was a subject for the comment stated in the post so I didn't just have to include some random stuff here I hope I winnn

Mohan Rajendran says:

The app looks really nice! Very smooth and user-friendly! :)

JayyBee says:

This looks gorgeous! I hope I get to try it out for free ! Lol

Justin Allen says:

I'd love to try this out! It looks great!

Mct112188 says:

How do I enter to win?! ( JK! ;) )

Mct12 says:

How do I enter to get one?!? ( JK! ;) )

April Rogers says:

I Would love to try it. gotta be better than the new twitter!

David Castellano says:

This looks like a great app!! I'd love to try it.

Max Audet says:

OMG it looks soooo good, I need to win this!!

Osumailguy says:

I'd live a new twitter app, especially one that deals with images nicely! Thanks in advance.

Frank @metaweb20 says:

I have been tweeting since the beginning. Would love to give this app a spin.

Luke says:

I'd love to win this. I just upgraded from Twitter for iPhone to Tweetbot and would like to see what some other clients are like

Troy Teeter says:

This would be awesome to have

tyler_zyco says:

I would love to replace the twitter app.. its horrid. And it looks like Twittelator Neue handles images beautifully.

Alex Hempel says:

Yep. Looks nice. Would love to try it.

MikeCTZA says:

Very appealing app, media rich user interface looks great to use, would love to give this a run vs other Twitter apps I have installed

Lee says:

Merry Christmas to me with a new app?

Jeffrey Mirizio says:

ooh pick me. i've entered tons of these giveaways and haven't won a single one. :-(

Faizal says:

Love to try this twitter client.

LinkTree says:

After the last regular tweeter app update I think its time for a new thing!

Arbi Nugraha says:

hello, my first comment for my wishlist twittelator neue :D says:

I've been tweeting for over two years but never felt comfortable with the Tweeter software. To my chagrin, the current version is by far the worst! Now I use Tweetcaster in the hopes that I can find a better one. I would hope that Twitellator Neue would be a far better alternative thanwhatnis currently out there.....

Eric Munoz says:

Can't stand the new Twitter app...HOOK IT UP TIPB!!!!!

Martin P says:

The new Twitter app is ok, but this looks wicked!

Gav says:

Other twitter apps seem to fail to make use of large photos in-line. That's the only good feature of new stock Twitter app.

Jonas_ni says:

Would love to try this one out.

Bucs1984 says:

I would love a promo code

Andeezy09 says:

I win! Give me a promo code

Vox says:

Promo codes are better when sent outside of the US, like .mx for me :)

Kristy_Lyn says:

Great overview of the app. Well done!

yodaxl7 says:

Tweetbot is nice. Like to try this!

dariusOne says:

ill try it out! im tryna get in the twitter game, this might make it more fun

Blake Nelson says:

I have used Twitelator for ever and love it!!! So maybe I should win??!(:

Randy Ojeda says:

Definitely want to try it out. Tried Tweetbot cause of the sale but something about it doesn't click with me.

Francealcatel says:

After reading your review now eagerly awaiting for my luck lol

Jörg Weißenbacher says:

i've heard it's good. i want one lol

Edrorivera says:

Looks like a very attractive interface

Erik Ellingson says:

I would love to win a copy of Twittelator Neue, I'd just been looking for a new twitter client

Nils Koch says:

I'd like to win a copy :> Looks good

Susel says:

Love trying out new twitter clients! Would love to win this and try it out!

Keith Trice says:

Wow, what an interesting UI. Pick me! I wanna try it.

Kristy Lo says:

Wooohoooo this looks like a great review done on a great app.

NobleArc, The Lazy Canadian says:

Oh gosh, did I leave this comment here?

Jgquay says:

It's amazing the quality that app brings to the twitter app lineup

SkiPPy087 says:

Really been wanting to try this app out. I like the new twitter update but looking for something a little better.

Brian Young says:

Would LOVE to win this. I'm on Twitter ALL the time and just looking from the pictures, looks much better than anything out there!

Nicholaslancaster says:

Haven't upgraded Twitter for iPhone to the new version yet. Would like to give this a try though!

SdotA85 says:

Would love to win this one.

kiwiruss says:

looks like a nice Twitter client, i'll give it a try if I win a code.

Pnut says:

I think I NEED this!!!

MooPenguin32 says:

This Twitter app looks awesome. I love the animations. Hopefully I'll be one of the lucky 5 to win.

Braun00 says:

leaving a comment to win this.

sadlybrokeboy says:

Looks like a great twitter app - always on the lookout for improving what I have - would like to try this :o)

tomk says:

This app is gorgeous! Definitely arrived to shakes things a bit and make others consider both functionality but also a beautiful UI, things needed to accomplish a great product!

Nav Sharma says:

Hey Man !!! iphone 4S and many more smarties on very very cheap prices. upto 78% discount.

Slickvic621 says:

Good luck everyone! Including myself!

FrankRow says:

I don't need a code so please don't count me in the giveaway. I just wanted to put in my 2cents and say this is hands down the best twitter client out there. I was fortunate enough to get a code from Big Stone as well and I have not looked back. Get it w/ a code or w/o, you will not be disappointed.