App Giveaway: wake N shake - The Merciless Alarm Clock Pro Shaker Edition for iPhone

A new alarm clock as just hit the App Store: wake N shake - The Merciless Alarm Clock. This is no ordinary alarm clock, because in order to turn it off, you must shake your iPhone until the meter on the screen fills up.

I am extremely guilty of hitting snooze on my alarm and going back to sleep. I have even been known to accidentally turn off the alarm entirely then falling back to sleep (this happened this morning, actually). wake N shake is an alarm clock for people like me, because after shaking my iPhone to turn off the alarm, I should be plenty awake to jump out of bed.

I'm almost scared to download it.

Wake N Shake - The Merciless Alarm Clock Pro Shaker Edition is the only alarm clock app in the app store designed to wake you up feeling ready to seize the day. Motivated. Energetic. Pumped.

It’s like jump-starting your day. By shaking the iPhone like your life depends on it, you raise your heart rate, and you wake up instantly!

  • Shake function like you’ve never experienced in an alarm app before
  • Configurable shake function: from hard to merciless
  • Unlimited alarms
  • Quick naps
  • 24 creative alarm sounds to get your blood flowing
  • Beautiful interface optimized for use in the dark
  • Animated alarm clock character: Alarmi
  • Countdown. Alarms count down so you know how much sleep you have left
  • Random alarms
  • Works even while in the background

Pro Shaker Edition Exclusive Features

The Pro Shaker Edition is designed for everyone who really wants to get their day started with a bang and somersault out of bed feeling like it’s their birthday, every day!

  • 10 more creative alarms than the free version
  • Vibrate function, so it rattles your night stand
  • Volume Fade-In. Float out of a dream, wake up feeling great. Ready to shake it!
  • No ads!


The developers of this unique alarm clock have generously given us 5 promo codes to give away to our awesome readers! For chance to win, let us know, on average, the number of times you hit snooze before actually getting out of bed in the comments below. I hit it about 3 times.

wake N shake - The Merciless Alarm Clock Pro Shaker Edition is available on the iPhone for $0.99.

The free version is still in review by Apple, but the below link will work once the app goes live.

[Pro App Store link] [Free App Store link]

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Reader comments

App Giveaway: wake N shake - The Merciless Alarm Clock Pro Shaker Edition for iPhone


I need this for my 11 year old son. His alarm goes off, he hits snooze who knows how many times, and I have to yell 5 or 6 times before he finally gets up.

At least 4 times.
I could do with this, I get a good bollocking from my Sergeant every time
I'm late.

This would be a gift for my wife. Her honest snooze average is 7... That's if she doesn't turn the alarm off by accident! Thanks!

i do not really understand, why i should shake the iphone instead of pressing the homebutton.. that turns the alarm off instantly and it will never ring again.. so.. wtf o_O
they should bring a update..
you can also turn the volume down..

I'm de designer of the App.
We're looking into more ways to make Wake N Shake even more "merciless." Removing the ability to lower the volume is a good idea.
We're also toying with a few ideas on what to do if the user quits the App. We'll be updating the App as frequently as possible to make it more and more awesome. Thanks for the feedback.

Another thing the App needs is the ability to work when the phone is set to 'silent'. I tend to sleep with the phone is silent mode so that I won't be woken up by calls, texts or emails, and while the regular iPhone alarm works fine when the phone is in that mode, this one didn't work at all. When I turned on the phone in the morning, I just got a push notification on the lock screen telling me that the alarm was going off, but I didn't actually hear it until I'd unlocked the phone.

HJ, I'm sorry that happened. We'll get that working asap. For now, if the App is running, it should sound even in silent mode. We'll find a way to make it work when outside the App if in silent. Thanks for the feedback.

If I am waking up I'm not fully conscious yet. I'm not going to shake it to death. I'm going to do the easiest thing and press the home button. To say merciless is a joke. It is nothing but a toy. Until you make it keep going, this is a pointless app. I predict you will get TONS of bad reviews because of this. It is worth while to NOT release until you fix it so you hit the ground running with good reviews. If it were me and I realize you can just hit home button you would INSTANTLY get a 1 star. How about treat the alarm as background music? that way it keeps playing even if you press home button. That would work ... but it is foolish to release now.

Update: SirSupernice, we just sent an update to Apple and should get approved within the next few days. Let's just say hitting the Home Button will no longer be an escape route.
More updates coming soon. Thank you for the feedback and hope you enjoy Wake N Shake!

This is so awesome. I use two phones. One phone is set to alarm 3x with a 30 minute interval. I usually snatch that up and snooze it. The other phone will alarm 2x and I will only wake up on that 2nd alarm cause it's to the tune of a siren which would wake up everybody else. So I should say that 5x of snoozing is my typical early morning and I would love to wake n shake things up to start my day.

I usually hit snooze at least 4 times. I really could use this app to get me going in the morning!

Constantly snoozing. My record was snoozing 9 times, delaying my waking up by an hour and a half. Luckily every one in the office decided to do it the same day, so no one got crap for being late. Must have had something to do with that Thirsty Thursday...

I have my iPhone & iPad set with alarms that go off every 15 mins & I still snooze at least 5x on each... I'm always running late

Way too often, I hit snooze for about an hour. With snooze set to 4 min intervals, thaw what....15 times?!?!? Although, sometimes i don't hear it after a snooze or two ;)

10 times for me lol a simple press does nothing to wake me up.. Shaking the phone on d other hand creates more movement that will Definetly wake me up..

I use 3 alarm clocks (one is my phone) with 5 alarms. My phone and one of the alarm clocks with 2 alarms on it are on my night stand. I put the third clock in my bathroom so that I have to get out of bed to turn it off, hoping that I wouldn't snooze it any more, but I still do. All said, I think I average hitting snooze around 10 times every morning.

I'm not even bothering with waiting for the giveaway, I just bought this. Superb idea. As someone who hits snooze like a mad man, I need this.
I have 4 alarms set on my iPhone and 2 through my regular alarm clock. I generally snooze through 20 minutes of constant alarms. Was good at first, but I can slide to unlock in my sleep now.

I hit it AT LEAST 5 times every morning. Im sure its been about 10 at some point, I have accidently turned mine off SO many times so I set 2 alarms withing 20 minutes of each other B-)

I hit snooze once or twice, but this week, I haven't hit it at all because:
A manager in my department is likely to get fired soon, and although I don't really want her job, I really need the money (husband is out of work 3+ years), I am an excellent fit for the job, and it'll be great for my resumé. Anyhoo, this manager used to roll in at 9:30, but after a meeting with her boss on Tuesday, she showed up at 8:20 on Wednesday, and 8:05 today. Dammit! So now I have to be on the ball and here by 8 so I look good compared to her! No snooze for me.
I could truly use a merciless alarm clock, though. 6:15 is too early.

I have to have 4 alarms to get up one in my room(iPhone) with 2 alarms set, one in another room so it forces me to get out of bed, and just in case I go back to bed I have an iPod touch set up downstairs hooked up to a surround sound system, also my arm falls a sleep everytime I wake up so with wake and shake it could help me wake up wake my arm up from falling asleep and give my arm some exercise. I need help lol

4 alarms to wake up, the iphone with 2 alarms set, an alarm in another room, if i decide to go back to bed, then I have an alarm set downstairs hooked to a surround sound system, also i usually fall asleep on my arm, so i have this massive dead arm in the morning, so with wake N shake I can use that to wake my arm up as well as get a bit of exercise. :-)

Usually hit my snooze about 3 times, but I've turned off the alarm a few times in my sleep...that's never good. This app would be awesome.

I hit my snooze five or six times. I set the alarm for 6:30, but am usually not up for almost an hour after that.

Many times I hit the snooze button (or turn off the alarm completely!) and I'm not awake enough to realize I've done it so I end up over-sleeping. A tool like this would certainly make sure I get up on time.

This app is extremely useless. To shut off the alarm just press the home button. If you are waking up you aren't fully conscious. You aren't going to spend your time shaking it. You will instinctively do whatever to shut it up quickly. And that means press the home button. This is one of those waste of money apps.

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