App Giveaway: YouMail for iPhone subscription

YouMail is a alternative to the iPhone's built-in visual voicemail. It lets you listen to your voicemail on any device, computer, or email account. It also has a much a more sophisticated caller ID that includes the caller's name and location.

The above mentioned features are available for free, but for a monthly fee, you can have your voicemails transcribed into text so that you can read them instead of listen to them. This transcription is human-powered, so it is extremely accurate.

If you were to ask me what I use my iPhone for, I'd spatter off at least ten different things I regularly do, but "to make calls" would not be on the list. Needless to say, I hate voicemail and would much rather someone text me than leave me a voicemail. In fact, I rarely actually listen my voicemail and instead just shoot the person a text asking what's up.

I need a YouMail subscription.

YouMail is more powerful and more fun than your iPhone visual voicemail.

  • Scroll and play on any device: iPhone, iPod, iPad, computer, or e-mail account.
  • Visual caller ID, shows caller photos, name, and city and state, even when they're not in your address book!
  • Smart greetings wows callers, automatically greeting them by name.
  • Total ownership of your voicemail. You can easily save important messages forever, neatly organized in folders, and easily forward them to others.
  • Easy contact backup and sync with facebook! Access your contacts on any device.
  • Read your voice mail within the app or by e-mail, without ever having to listen to it. (subscription required)


The good folks at YouMail have given us three subscriptions for a year of YouMail's basic service (a $100 value!) to giveaway to our awesome readers! For a chance to win, let us know about how many voicemails you get per day (or week) that you'd rather read than listen to.

YouMail is available on the iPhone for free.

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Reader comments

App Giveaway: YouMail for iPhone subscription


Been using this app for a while. I usually never check my voicemails, because going through the buttons and commands is so cumbersome. I have truly enjoyed this app for the visual voicemail, but text would be a huge up! Thanks!

I use the Youmail add-on from Cydia, and am very happy with it. I never really considered getting a full subscription - until I read this article. It makes a good point, and I realized that I usually do the same thing that the author does (just shoot the person a text asking them what they wanted). I am a helpdesk technician - and when I working a ticket, I need to prioritize what I am doing at all times. IF I get snagged on the phone with one of those customers that have "just one more question" - it severely detracts from what I am already working on. But at the same time - I sometimes need to go do something that may be a higher priority. For this reason - I'd like to enter to win the subscription...because I'd rather read ALL my voicemails than listen to them :) That would enable me to judge whether the call needs to be returned immediately WITHOUT having to take time to listen to the message.
Either way, thanks for the consideration!

I have been using this app for a while now. I rarely, if ever, check my voicemails. It is just to cumbersome to has to go through all the numbers and commands. I have enjoyed being able to have a visual view of my voicemails, but text would be a huge up! The ability to copy and paste a voicemail and send it as a text would be a huge time saver. Thanks!

I'd love this - I don't get many voicemails each week - maybe 4 or 5, but I'll stop answering my phone as much if I win this. I much prefer text to voice.

Voicemail is a great invention. However, when you have an inbox of more than 2 messages, it's always good to be able to jump straight to the message that you absolutely have to respond to rather than go through every single message to get to the one that you need. Apps like YouMail make that a lot easier. This could make voicemail appealing again!

I work in surgery monitoring patients and I frequently notified of new surgeries on my voicemail that I have to listen to but would much rather read. This could be bi news for the company I work for as there is 150 employees. I'd love to be the one to tell them how awesome this app is and get more people in board. This would truely be a great blessing.

I work in surgery monitoring patients during operations. I am frequently notified of new cases during surgery and would love to be able to have the information about the next case in text form. This would be a life saver.

Im a freight consultant and sometimes I cant answer to everyone so they leave me voicemails for requirements, and it would be SOOOO much easier to read them and see which needs fit better what I have available to dispatch!

I get probably 4 or 5 a day, I have been using youmails free service for a while now but would love a free upgrade!!

Are you kidding?! I HATE VOICEMAILS. I get several a day, and they drive me CRAZY. I like to screen my calls, with voicemails as a safety net. But then I wind up ignoring the voicemail itself for days sometimes. Years ago I subscribed to a similar service, but when I switched to the iphone I thought visual voicemail would suffice. No dice! I would sell somebody else's soul for this service!

At least 6 or 7 and it is vital that I get back to these people since I run my business from my car. I teach Driver Education and I have students and parents calling me all day and I can't really talk when I have a student driving so I have to get back to these people that have left a voicemail.

4 to 5 a day. But like many folks here, it's the timing that's important. Beside it's my turn to win something up in here...please :)

I get approx 10-15 a day and my mailbox it always full. It would be super convient to be able to read them and respond than trying to find time to listen to them

My phone is used for work and for personal use. I work in medical and am "on call" every 4 days for 3 days. If I could read my voicemails instead of having to listen to them when i'm out but "on call", it would be incredible!

I get about 10 a day but I love the ditching feature you mail has. So give me a year please that would be one less thing to pay.

I receive too many voicemails to count in a day. I have 3 foster kids, I always get calls from caseworkers, court representatives, care givers, daycare..etc. These calls dont even include my personal life. Please, please choose me for this subscription I'd rather read them, then listen to them about 3x's a piece.

about 25-30 per day. I am on the road and travelling between clients. It would much easier to read diagnostics rather than listen and have to take notes while driving or stopping by the side of the road. Help...

Seriously way too many. 15+. but the worst part is how much stress it causes me. Reading them would relieve so much anxiety for me!

I get about 15 voicemails a week and I usually never listen to them in a timely manner. I prefer for someone to text me over leaving me a voice message.

About 10-15 per day.
I am a private practice physician. I get called all the time from the hospital. My iPhone functions as my pager also.
I use PhoneTag right now, but am looking for a cheaper alternative. The transcription accuracy on PhoneTag is not that good, especially considering it is supposed to be "human powered". YouMail looks like it may fit what I need. Google voice is too unreliable.

I receive and listen to voicemail at least twenty times a week - it seems those who care about you actually leave you a voicemail, and it's important to hear them and call back. Too bad we don't appreciate a more natural human connection anymore.

I get about 5 daily and while at work I have bad reception. This will work great with being able to listen to voice mails on my work PC.