Apple Adds "App Store Review Status", Escalation Email, to iPhone Dev Center


TUAW reports that Apple has taken a few more baby steps down the long, winding road towards App Store fix-land, adding a new App Store Review Status widget to let developers know the current wait-time for the app approval process, and giving them access to a new escalation email address for high priority questions.

Along with the addition of keywords and improved search, it looks as though Apple chief operating officer Tim Cook was serious when he said Apple was working on improving the now 1-year old App Store.

We sincerely hope they continue. Good faith is like cash. Once you've spent it all, you -- or your platform -- is broke.

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Apple Adds "App Store Review Status", Escalation Email, to iPhone Dev Center


I said it before and will say it again, the App Store was operating at a 1.0 release. Looks like they are moving up to version 1.1 with more to come.

Before I had even heard of gpush I had started making my app G-Push Mail
I've been waiting over a month now with no activity on my servers to indicate they've done any work on reviewing it. I must be in that 4% as well!

@Eric It's funny you say that as that was the first thing I was going to write. I'm glad they leave that margin for BS denials or even more BS, pending!

@Redth Hello at me... I'd love to test it out. Duvi@C r a c k b e r r y .com if that's possible.

It seems like the majority of us are in that 4%, we def are...more than 3 weeks for approval of minor updates and longer for a new app.... I wonder do you guy know if it depends also on the status of partnership?

All credibility has long since evaporated from the App Store. Developers grudgingly tolerate it because the iPhone itself is nice, Apple gives us no other choice, and can arbitrarily ding us with no recourse if we grumble.
That "good faith" coin was spent even faster -- long wait times, arbitrary rejections, and refusal to provide information to help a developer fix rejectable issues, and we are supposed to believe Apple is acting in good faith? The very notion is absurd. Now that they have demonstrated with the GV debacle that they are perfectly ok with yanking accepted, successful applications out from under a developer with no reason, the idea that Apple cares one iota about their developers strains credulity.
Even if we disregard Apple's blatant disregard through policy of developers and focus only on these technical process improvements, are we seriously expected to cheer that in 13 months, they have moved from what Reptile calls a 1.0 to a 1.1 release -- a release that half-heartedly addresses 5% of issues? In what other business would this be even remotely acceptable?