Apple airs new iPad 2 commercial – Learn

Apple airs new iPad 2 commercial – Learn

Apple has just released another new commercial for the iPad 2, this one is titled "Learn". The ad, once again narrated by Peter Coyo is based on using the iPad as a learning tool either from the comfort of your home or, as we have seen cropping up more and more often, in the school environment.

Are you curious about new ideas? Do you want to learn a new language, or just a new word? Maybe you want to know more about anatomy or astronomy? You could master something new or uncover a hidden talent. There's never been a better time... to learn.

Take a look at the ad below!

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Apple airs new iPad 2 commercial – Learn


I need some great education apps for a 6 yr old. I rather her learn how to code than to play games.

But will my wife love the dual core Tegra 2 chipset?! Is it 4G LTE upgradable?! Is it Android 3.0 and designed for serious multi-tasking?! Is it flash-ready for surfing the FULL web?! I NEED TO KNOW!!!

What is the math game there playing my child saw the commercial and she said that looked really cool so ive been looking every where for it and i cant find it

What is the little girl doing? She seems to be using some type of finger-math or something like it to check the answer. What is the name of what she is doing and where can we find out more about it?