Apple announces iMovie for iPhone

As part of the iPhone 4 introduction during WWDC 2010, Steve Jobs announced iMovie for iPhone, with one-click sharing. This is basically iMovie from the iLife suite for Mac brought to the iPhone. Up to 720p editing and most of the functionality you'd expect, including transitions and Ken Burns effects.

Make beautiful HD movies anywhere with iMovie, the fun, feature-rich video editing app that’s designed for iPhone 4. Create a video postcard of your day at the beach and publish it to the web without leaving your spot on the sand. Or make a movie of your child’s birthday party and send it to your parents while the party is in full swing. You can start several projects on your iPhone 4 and finish them whenever you want and wherever you are.

It will be in the App Store for $4.99

Rene Ritchie

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dloveprod says:

I wonder how much better is this than the reel director that I already bought.

Eric says:

a really good specs compilation & break-down:
June 24th... not exactly what i was hoping for. i wanted the 18th!

tis says:

I want pages and keynote aswell, hopefully we can get that on the appstore

(Copy of) Dev says:

Hopefully Apple used iMovie 06 HD as an inspiration, rather than the disaster that is iMovie 09.

Brookstaylorh says:

when will it be released. i heard like 20 people say that it will be today but its not showing up in the app store for me?

johncblandii says:

This is an impressive looking app. Kudos to Apple for this work.