Apple Design Award Winning iPhone Apps: Tweetie, Topple, MLB at Bat, Wooden Labyrinth, Accuterra

Apple Design Awards 2009 has posted up the winners of the WWDC 2009 Apple Design Awards (APA), and specifically for our interests, the iPhone winners. Like last year, a lot of our favorites got the nod. Here they are, with iTunes links where available:

iPhone Developer Showcase:

Best iPhone Student App

Best iPhone OS 3.0 Beta App

Congrats to everyone and thanks for the great apps!

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Apple Design Award Winning iPhone Apps: Tweetie, Topple, MLB at Bat, Wooden Labyrinth, Accuterra


I resisted buying At Bat at the beginning of this baseball season because I always figured going to on my iPhone gave me a good enough iPhone formatted look at scoring and articles regarding my favorite team (Go Brewers!) but one day I finally gave in and downloaded it and I have been very impressed. It is easily one of my favorite Apps. I love being able to stream the live radio feed for any game since it effectively gives my iPhone an AM tuner when I am out mowing the lawn or out of typical broadcast range. Also the video highlights and game summaries are excellent. Pitch-by-pitch interface rivals any gamecast on a computer. My only two gripes are the lag time to loading up (maybe due to the fact I have the 2G but also another point in favor of allowing variable background Apps) and that they do not have an in-App option to read articles regarding your favorite teams without launching Safari. Overall highly recommended for baseball fans and well worth the price...heck it is a much better value than the internet version in my opinion.

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