Apple holding "Back to the Mac" event October 20

Looks like Apple will be holding an event in October again, this time called "Back to the Mac" and no doubt focusing on -- OS X 10.7 Lion?! -- new MacBooks, a new MacBook Air, and maybe iLife '11 and iWork '11?

Since iOS is such an integral part of Apple these days, it's hard to believe they'll skip iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad entirely, so we'll be keeping our eyes peeled for anything from new slideshow exports (yawn!) to a whole new app for making HTML 5 goodness for our mobile devices, or Back to my Mac for iOS?

I still want an iOS layer to replace Dashboard and FrontRow. How about that?

What do you expect?


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Apple holding "Back to the Mac" event October 20


for a minute I thought they forgot all about the mac. I'm excited for some big cat goodness. Meow

Hoping for a new smaller, cheaper MacBook Air to be announced. Also would be nice (judging from the Lion in the picture) to hear about a sneak preview of OS X 10.7 Lion. With some really cool surprise user focused features that warrant the new cat branding.
Oh yeah. Also new releases of iLife and iWork '11 please.
That's all I need to be happy. :-)

Puma was 10.1. The invite picture looks like a lion to me! Is this the release where they finally get rid of the MenuBar and go to pop-up menus?

I agree. A media event means multiple new things. They cost too much to do one every time they make a small upgrade. And they would cause disappointment to get everyone there just to say, "Hey we made a small update to this one thing. You can all go home now." Glad to see this event happening. The Mac needs some love.

@chris - YES. I really miss being able to watch the keynote streams with QuickTime Player live as they were happening. With all of the streaming stuff going on around the planet, it should be a no-brainer. A 320x240 window would even be fine. I don't need 46" HD streams. Use Justin.TV or Ustream or something!

Finally!!! I thought they are soon selling their computer division to focus on their iOS success. iWork, iLife, OSX, macbooks - they all have waited for their next version updates for way too long. It' the most important Apple event of the year for sure:)

With all the talk about iOS recently, I'm just glad they're bringing some attention back to OS X.

Good to hear. I like my iPod Touch and all, but iOS announcements don't really affect me all that much. I'm very interested in any 10.7 news, especially considering what a success 10.6 has been.

App store for Macs maybe? (that would set of a blogger s-storm as that would mean closing mac os x architecture). That's far fetched but they see the success of the iOS and the app store, and have caught the fever. Really the computer is just as much about apps as are the iOS devices. And the selection of Mac apps is truly weak. This would help things as well as hurt them. It will be interesting.

Nice! Fingers crossed for iLife '11. And, for a better MobileMe web gallery! (Google Picasa and Microsoft Windowslive SkyDrive really kick MobileMe's butt. I feel embarrassed that I pay for an inferior gallery experience.) The rest of MobileMe is great.
Oh, and 10.9 Halle Berry.

Think they missed a trick by not going with "return of the MAC" ...:)
Think an app store for the mac, better iOS integration, FaceTime and more gesture support are the likely updates in my very humble opinion.

@travisgamedev they did stream the last event in case you missed it. I am sure they will start streaming all their events again.
@Jason, you know you may have an idea there. Does anyone remember the patent fillings for 3D OS and hirings? Although I am not on this 3D bandwagon (just dont see the point if your not behind a 60ft screen) would be interesting.

@Jason the Apple appears to acting as a "door" to make the Lion visible not necessarily popping out in the picture.

@name: You're right about iWork and iLife being un-typically long in the making, but Mac OS X 10.6 was released in August of last year. Since Apple announced a long time ago that the OS will be on 18-24 month cycle, it's hardly "overdue." It probably just seems so, because of all the iOS activity taking place in the last year.

@Janey: Chris was talking specifically about streaming the event via AppleTV. Apple has been streaming their keynotes and media events live on their web site for many years now. And at a much higher resolution than your 320×240 minimum acceptable size. Just visit Apple's main site on the 20th - there will be links to the live stream posted there.

What worries me is that with 'Lion' they've reached the top of the food chain. Could this be the last incarnation of the Mac's OS?

I'm going to be pissed if they change the iMac since I literally just purchased mine on October 3rd. And if OSX get's an update it better be free if you just got Snow Leopard.

I'd love to see iOS replace dashboard also. As for an AppStore for OSX, being it on - I doubt they would disable side loading apps on OSX ; an AppStore would quickly take off IMO - all linked to iTunes.

i think that one of Job's emails said something like this would happen with in this time fram. I would like to see a Touch Macbook aire and that touch mac that we saw in a patent and a preview of iOS in Mac OS

Darn! I just bought a new Mac two weeks ago because I couldn't wait for new models to come up. :(

I hope that OS X Lion will sell at same $24.99-$29.99 price range as the Snow Leopard CD and that they cover upgrades to at least all Macs released from early 2010.

2012 or 2013 is the time I would get a new Mac (if need be). Ivy bridge will be out, that's if apple sticks with intel and does not try to use a a15/x86 gpu variant. This up date, will bring complete iOS multitouch to the Mac, those with non discreet graphics chip macs most likely be able take full advantage of 10.7, or via magic trackpad.

Well, seeing as you can see a lion in the picture, I'm imagining Mac OS X 10.7. I'm actually hoping there isn't a huge update in MacBook Pros; I just got one in September.

I would really like to see a new or cheaper Mac mini, want to buy my first Mac and have it be a mini but even those are kindy pricey!

If Microsoft was the one using a feline codename for Windows, then "Garfield" would be appropriate for how bloated it is.
PS: I have some other good APPS from aneesoft want to recommend. Maybe someone will like it.

There will be an update on sales, and info about the White iPhone 4. That's just for starters. Then, it's all about the Lion! Whooo!

Ok so nobody has any thoughts about Mac hardware.
2 things I'd like to see are
New MacBook air
USB 3.0 integration across the mac line-up.
What do u think ??

Back to the mac? whats the point. Apple realises now that the real money maker is in these useless little kid toys like the iPad so why even keep going on macs? A few years ago a mac OS was cutting edge and way above the rest.. Now they are just left in the dust. I feel really bad for all the macbook lovers. They are almost forced to buy this new junk.

btw before anyone says the ipad isn't useless let me tell you

  1. to turn it on you need a pc
  2. to copy itunes/music at first u need a pc
  3. to restore it you need a pc
  4. to JB you need a pc
  5. to type anything useful you need a pc

why are we still using pcs when this thing is so magical?

I'm really hoping to see a ipad 2.0, cause ive been holding out on the ipad, so if they introduce the ipad 2.0, with all these random features, like a camera? ( who wants to be holding a ten inch camera up to there face? not I ) there prices for the orig ipad, well drop, SUBSTANTIALLY, So :D
Bring' it on stevie jobs.