Apple names their top iPad and iPhone apps of 2010

Apple iTunes Rewind 2010 favorite apps

Apple has posted their annual iTunes Rewind list, showcasing their favorite iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad apps for 2010, along with what they're calling "hot trends" by category. Hipstamatic, Angry Birds, Fliboard, and Plants vs. Zombies score the graphical headline, but there's tons and tons of apps. There are also sections on movies, music, TV shows, Audio Check them out via iTunes.

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Apple names their top iPad and iPhone apps of 2010


It's a newcomer - maybe it'll make it into next year's list - but I'll nominate talkatone. It's a Google Voice client. With a Google Voice number, it turns an iPod touch into a phone where every you have Wi-Fi. Make and receive calls for free (in the USA).

hipstamatic is cool now? those sell outs, imma move on to more underground unheard of apps, they have better quality and dont hurt animals or the environment

I have to second Talkatone. Just got it yesterday and for the most part it works great. The UI needs some work and there are some address book integration issues to be worked out. But a lot simpler method of voip using GV than others. I just do not see how the Lords of the iPhone are going to let this app continue it's magic.