Apple posts OS X Mavericks preview page

Apple posts OS X Mavericks preview page

Interested in getting more information about OS X Mavericks? Visit Apple's Web site, they've posted the details. Apple outlines ten of the new features coming to Mavericks when it debuts later this year.

Among the new features are iBooks, finally coming to OS X after being an iOS exclusive up to now, Maps (another carryover from iOS), enhancements to Calendar, a new Safari, iCloud keychain, dramatically improved support for multiple displays, a reworked notification manager, Finder Tabs, Tags and advanced technologies designed to improve power efficiency.

Mavericks is named after a popular California surfing location. With OS X 10.9, Apple is moving away from the "big cat" nomenclature and instead switching to California place names.

Mavericks is due out this fall.

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Apple posts OS X Mavericks preview page