Apple reaches 25 billion iPhone and iPad app downloads

The countdown is over. The 25 billionth app has been download from the App Store and one lucky person (hopefully an iMore reader!) has won a $10,000 iTunes gift card. This milestone has been reached just shy of 4 years after the App Store's launch on June 10, 2008. Not bad!

No word on who the winner is yet -- if it's you, what do you plan to spend all that iTunes cash on?

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Leanna Lofte

Former app and photography editor at iMore, Leanna has since moved on to other endeavors. Mother, wife, mathamagician, even though she no longer writes for iMore you can still follow her on Twitter @llofte.

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Reader comments

Apple reaches 25 billion iPhone and iPad app downloads


If I had a $10,000 iTunes gift card I would put it on my account and the never use my credit card for apps, music, or videos!

If I win I would buy 3 macs since I dont have a pc. 3 apple tvs 2 iPod touchs 2 iPod nanos and rest on apps and accessories.

I'd buy lots of cool apps for my mac, like Final Cut Pro and Aperture. Gift people in my family and friends more apps for their iPhones, iPads and iMacs. Buy a lot of music.

Well since you can't buy computers and stuff with it since the employees have to scan those, I'd just go buy a ton of accessories with their easy pay app for the phone [headphones, cases, docks,]

My goodness it would be awesome to be the author of that app. All the free advertising... it boggles the mind.

I would replace all my MP3s from my Napster days with "official" ones. I peck away at it a little at a time but an iTunes card that size could get the job done in one fell swoop (and then some!) it an itunes card or an apple store card?? HUGE difference if you ask me. I'd like the apple store card myself. I'd probably keep myself in new 27 inch iMacs the next 3 or for refreshes! lol! Oh and I'd throw in a mac book air for when I want portability!

Just gift apps to people. There are only so many apps or music that any one person needs, or wants.