Apple releases OS X 10.9.4 with fixes for Wi-Fi issues, Safari 7.0.5

Apple released OS X 10.9.4 with Wi-Fi fixes, Safari 7.0.5

Apple has just updated OS X to version 10.9.4 with fixes for security, compatibility, and stability, as well as Safari version 7.0.5. This update fixes a number of issues, including a problem that kept some Macs from automatically connecting to Wi-Fi networks. Waking your computer from sleep is now also more reliable.

Users can download the update from the Mac App Store. Simply go to the Downlads section and hit Update or Update All. More information can be found on Apple's Support website. Come back after you update and tell us if you notice any improvements in OS X 10.9.4 below in the comments.

Source: Apple

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Apple releases OS X 10.9.4 with fixes for Wi-Fi issues, Safari 7.0.5


Just installed 10.9.4. Was smooth as butter. Looking forward to 10.10 into the fall.

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I updated my aluminium MacBook late 2008 yesterday, it is now Mavericks 10.9.4, and found I now have no Bluetooth, no wifi, no battery indicator and no date or time on the task bar. Tried switching on wifi and got the spinning rainbow ad infinitum so had to force quit system preferences. Eventually telephoned Apple Tech Support and chatted with a very helpful lady named Jennifer. Advised to power off, restart holding down Alt key, enter Recovery mode, choose Recovery 10.9.4 and let it run. Over seven hours later this was completed but no change whatsoever. All the applications still work fine but no wifi, bluetooth, date/time etc. I plan to call Apple Tech Sp at 9am. Very disappointing, this is the first major issue I have had since I converted to Apple. How do I revert back to OSX 10.9.3?? Help!

I updated my mid-2010 MacBook Pro and my mid-2007 iMac this week. No discernible improvements, but it knocked out my Bluetooth on the MacBook Pro. Had to dig out the wired mouse. For some reason it's working on the desktop computer, which is good because I have both a wireless keyboard and mouse.

I have 7.1.2 on my ipad with the OS X 10.9.4 on my iMac.....on trying to get a wifi link between my ipad air and Mac...for the 'pocket' app...i get the message 'problem connecting to the server', with a statement that my ipad server which i'm trying to connect to is not supported.

I also have some issues trying to get a wi-fi network

I'm waiting for a helpful comment on this

Thanks in advance