Apple Releases Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.8

OS X 10.5.8

Apple has released Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.8, the latest updates and security patches for it's desktop operating system, big brother to the iPhone's OS.

While some previous updates have contained new iPhone-specific features, we haven't seen any yet for 10.5.8, although some fixes will be of benefit to iPhone users on Mac. According to Apple Knowledge Base, these include:

  • Improves overall Bluetooth reliability with external devices, USB webcams and printers.
  • Improves iCal reliability with MobileMe Sync and CalDav.
  • Addresses data reliability issues with iDisk and MobileMe.

If anyone notices anything else, let us know in the comments!

[via MacRumors]

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Reader comments

Apple Releases Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.8


Just Wow....
The iPhone has nothing to do with apple? maybe the new update does something that helps the iPhone never know..
Never question Rene.....

The available hard drive space on my MBP increased a bit after the install from 99.08 GB free up to 99.34 GB.

I updated to OSX 10.5.8 and now my iTunes does not recognize my iphone. I get the following error message: " Itunes could not connect to this iPhone because of an unknown error occurred (0xE8000001)

I just updated to 10.5.8 and now iTunes says:
"The SIM card inserted in this iPhone does not appear to be supported.
Only compatible SIM cards from a supported carrier may be used to activate iPhone. Please insert the SIM card that came with your iPhone or visit a supported Carrier's store to receive a replacement SIM card."
Has Apple just pulled a sneaky trick and shut down jail broken handsets?
I paid £530 for this phone, but I need to be able to use it in the UK, the EU, the UAE and the Far East. They must be mad to think I'd either buy a new phone / contract for each area in which I work or pay the ridiculous roaming charges.
Bad start to my day. Grrrrrrrr...

Hmmmm.... Further to my last post, I removed the SIM card, put in a different one, connected to my MBP and "Voila!" - all works again.
w e i r d
(but happy again... :-) )