Apple reportedly contacting Internet radio providers for cover art for their stations

Apple has reportedly begun emailing Internet radio stations requesting they provide cover art for future use. Currently the radio selection in iTunes is a pretty drab affair, with basically a big text list of stations to choose from. No glitz, no glamor, and it all looks kind of boring. According to a letter obtained by MacRumors, this looks set to change:

The iTunes Store now requires cover art for Internet Radio stations. The cover art files must be 1400 x 1400 pixels in JPG or PNG format using RGB color space. The image URL must end in ".jpg", ".jpeg" or ".png". To add cover art to your station, send an email to including your contact name, station name and cover art file.

Speculation is that somehow, Apple may implement the existing radio setup into iTunes Radio when it launches with iOS 7 in the fall. That's not exactly a far fetched idea, and could help explain why Apple is now asking for cover art at a resolution that would conveniently look good on a Retina Display. We're also expecting iTunes Radio to appear on the desktop at around the same time, though what that may look like is still unknown at this point.

Source: MacRumors

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Apple reportedly contacting Internet radio providers for cover art for their stations

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Not to mention the music selection is pretty crappy. I understand the beginnings of a great thing but kind of annoying that every time I go back to a station I created, it plays the same songs in the exact order it did before. No randomized shuffling, but Ad-free iTunes Match is awesome!

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