Apple Stores to Re-Focus on iPhone and Apps?

The Apple Stores have been nothing less than modern retail marvels. Picking the brains (and talent) of the best of the best behind the GAP and Target by Design, Apple has out-performed even Tiffany's in revenue per square foot with their focus on customer service and lifestyle product layout.

But is all that about to change? Maybe, according to rumors. Not only will they be shifting focus to promote key Mac software like iLife 09 in an effort to lure in more and more "switchers", Apple Insider says:

Apple has also changed its iPhone 3G and iPod touch displays to reflect the emphasis on software. The tables are arranged into categories of applications; including games, pleasure and travel, and others, with new acrylic information stands for each.

Apple's never been shy to mess with past success if they think they can do better going forward. And, hey, anything good for the iPhone is fine by us, but what do you think?

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Rene Ritchie

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Apple Stores to Re-Focus on iPhone and Apps?


Lets just hope Microsoft doesn't do a complete copy of the Apple store when/if they come out with one.

There is actually an article in the NY Times about Microsoft open retail stores and this might be Apple's way of countering. I think it'll be interesting to see a Microsoft store opening across from an Apple store at the mall: complete with their "Gurus'" instead of "Genius'".