Apple Unleashes 3 New "There's an App for That" iPhone Commercials

Turned on my TV last night and what did I see? A new iPhone commercial showing off apps to me!

Still on the "There's an App for That" theme, these new commercials are titled Itchy, Office, and Student. Here's the list and the iTunes App Store links:

Interesting mix of premium and FREE price points there Apple! (And thanks for keeping things on the low end for the students). Check them out on, and if you like what you see, get yourself to the App Store.

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Apple Unleashes 3 New "There's an App for That" iPhone Commercials


Cool variety of apps featured in these new spots. Guess Apple will be reviewing the commercials for the next-generation iPhone soon.

I don't have an iPhone because I pretty much hate AT&T, but I must say that these commercials always make me stop when fast-forwarding through commercials.
I don't own ANY Apple products but I must also admit that I have downloaded iTunes simply to browse through the App Store.
Guess I'm still waiting for Apple to release the iPhone from those AT&T shackles.
Maybe the iPhone 3 will be so exciting that I will be forced to tolerate AT&T.

MMS... There isn't an app for that YET...
Turn By Turn GPS... There isn't an app for that YET..
Copy and Paste... There isn't an app for that YET...
Video recording... There isn't an app for that YET...
An app for the list of things missing from the IPHONE...
There isn't an APP for that YET... $1.99 comming soon!

Hmm, maybe you are not yet aware of iPhone OS 3.0, the beta version of which is already being tested by developers.
It sports MMS and copy/paste. Far nicer to have these built in to the OS, rather than relying on an app.
Hints of video and editing are evident, also. As far as turn by turn directions, that reminds me of the cry for school prayer that everyone seems to have an opinion about, yet few really understand its implications.

I am aware. Are you aware of the release date? Oh no! Why have a commercial when its just BS. There isn't an app for everything!
Okay okay I have to give it up for the people who JAILBREAK. Yes we do have all that. I call into apple and ask what is going on with the MMS and the dude told me to JAILBREAK then I would have what I needed. Why can't apple just release it? Customer care APPLE! Give me my 3 point 0 NOW!