AT&T Developing GPS & Yellow Pages Apps for iPhone

The status of the TomTom GPS app may still be up in the air, but we'll still have Google Maps for turn-by-turn directions (albeit not in 3D and without voice prompts). Looks like we may to have another option, too, an AT&T-Branded "gps enabled application." So says an AT&T insider who adds that in addition to the GPS app, AT&T is also developing a " mobile" app as well.

Good news? We hope so -- because our fear is that the Apple SDK user agreement prohibiting developers from creating turn-by-turn apps means that this AT&T GPS app will be our only option, an option that could potentially include a monthly fee -- our worst fear.

As though the increased monthly fees on the iPhone 3G weren't bad enough already. Say it ain't so, AT&T!

Dieter Bohn

Dieter Bohn is former editor-in-chief of Smartphone Experts, writing across iMore, Windows Phone Central, Android Central, and more. You can find him on Twitter (and everywhere else) @backlon.

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patcom8 says:

I wouldnt be surprised if that happened. Currently on my blackberry they charge me $10 a month to use TelNav, which is AT&T's turn by turn GPS softwear, which isnt even that great. I actually got rid of it recently because it turned out to just be a waste, I now use google maps and have somone read and prompt me when a turn is coming up. WORKS GREAT! haha

Overdog says:

I sure hope the competition like get out of the gate before big brother rules the market and the little guys with inovative and creative idea's get slammed to the ground

Peter says:

This seems like a pretty big deal. And it only caught my eye, now.

Ellay says:

I think that's all one app you're talking about. AT&T already issued a press release, saying that they're releasing a FREE GPS-enabled iPhone app. But because of the SDK limitations, it's probably going to use that to determine the user's location for a search - like their other app on BlackBerry. This could really be a sweet app and there's hints that there's a lot more in this than previous releases. I love the free part.