Halloween costume uses two iPads to make a huge hole in your stomach [video]

NASA employee Mark Rober has come up with a fantastic Halloween costume that uses two iPads to create an amazing effect. He positioned one iPad 2 under his shirt on his front and one on his back. He then cut out two holes in his shirt around the iPads and added some fake blood around the openings.

Now this is the clever part, he setup a FaceTime call between the two iPads. The iPad 2 on his front shows what the iPad 2 on his back is seeing in its camera. This then creates the illusion that you can see right through his gut and out the other side!

Take a look at the elaborate set up in action in the video below. One small problem, the FaceTime call will need an active Wi-Fi connection; if you plan on trying this when you are out tonight, don’t forget your MiFi!

Source: Gizmodo

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Reader comments

Halloween costume uses two iPads to make a huge hole in your stomach [video]


Hey! If i had the extra cash lying around and the spare time...... yea i still wouldn't do this. But to each his own.

It's a cool idea but it doesn't look too good. The objects on the screen are smaller than life sized and as he turns around you still see what's behind him. "A" for effort but "FAIL" for effect.