Beats Music apps for Android and Windows Phone to live on

Beats Music on Windows Phone

In acquiring Beats Music, Apple will have its first non-iOS mobile applications under its control and importantly it looks like those apps will live on after the acquisition. Yes, the Android and Windows Phone Beats Music apps are safe. According to Tim Bradshaw of the Financial Times:

A bold statement from Apple CEO, Tim Cook, and just leaves us yet further wondering what the future holds for an Apple controlled Beats Music. Further to this, Cook has also said that Beats Music is the best streaming service in the market, and is "the first to get it right."

So while we ponder, at least folks rocking Android and Windows Phone aren't in any immediate danger of losing their Beats Music access. And that's absolutely fantastic news. But, where do you think it should go from here?

Source: Tim Bradshaw (Twitter) via 9to5Mac

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Beats Music apps for Android and Windows Phone to live on


I think its great!! Apple never made iTunes available for different platforms, now they'll have a multi-platform service in Beats Music.

The questions are...for how long, and how well. Apple dropped Safari for Windows after a short dalliance, and iTunes for Windows is terrible compared to its OSX cousin.

Remember the rumors of Apple looking to expand iTunes to Android and possibly Windows Phone?

Check that box off. Future updates for those platforms may even allow purchases from a built in iTunes Store, assuming those platforms allow third party stores.

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Google does hence why you can put the Amazon App Store or Amazon Mp3 store on Android. Not sure about Microsoft with windows phone

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How about offering an App Store for Android by Apple? If you're going to go for the jugular, go all the way. Use their strengths against them.

I see what you're going for, but Apple is not nor has it really ever been much of a services company.

While that sounds like a great way to nab Android on paper: In practice, it'd probably be far more effort and money for Apple to develop and maintain than it's worth, and wouldn't really make much (if any) dent in Google Play sales.

That's good for them, because I certainly wouldn't downgrade to an iPhone to keep the service... I would switch to Spotify or pandora