Beats Music boss reportedly tapped to run iTunes Radio

Beats Music boss reportedly tapped to run iTunes Radio

Ian Rogers, who heads up the Beats Music subscription service, will reportedly now run iTunes Radio for Apple. Apple's acquisition of Beats is now complete, with Apple officially welcoming the Beats team to the company this morning. Rogers will apparently remain in charge of Beats Music as well, managing all of Apple's music streaming efforts, according to the Wall Street Journal:

Rogers, a former Yahoo executive, will run both teams to create cohesion in Apple's streaming-music options, according to the people familiar with the matter. Pandora and Spotify, the two-biggest streaming music services, each offer both a free ad-supported service and a subscription-based service.

What do you think of Rogers possibly taking over on iTunes Radio? Let us know below in the comments.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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Beats Music boss reportedly tapped to run iTunes Radio


I honest do not see the point of worrying with ITunes Radio anymore if they're going to have Beats Music going as well. It would seem to better serve their purposes by rolling iTunes Radio features (First Play, etc.) into Beats and calling it a day.

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I agree the two should become one. But iTunes is more well known than Beats music so roll Beats into iTunes. Hopefully Apple doesn't take forever to convert iTunes Radio to subscription model.

I'm pretty excited about Beats and Apple. Beats is already paying artists more money per played track, and Apple is already getting exclusive music first through Itunes Radio and album releases like Beyonce's album. This may lead to Beats getting some pretty big exclusives first to there platform.

They're still going with "iTunes Radio" as the product name? Sounds like a product from 2003. Beats is already a much stronger brand. Apple should just call it "Beats", period. People will get it.