Social networking



Pinterest is a social networking website for crafting, cooking, and building your dream home. It is sort of like a digital scrapbook for anything you are passionate about. The official app looks great on the iPad. You can browse through pins in your feed, search for specific topics, and see who is saving your posts. Your pins are all saved on your personal board for quick access when you want to check a recipe or see if that couch matches your lounge chair.

Retro for Instagram


You may or may not have noticed by now that there is no iPad support for the official Instagram app. Retro for Instagram is a great third-party Instagram client that lets you view your feed (or searches, or trending hashtags) on a big, beautiful grid. You can change the layout to view just one photo at a time, or as many as 20 on one screen. It supports multiple accounts for you power Instagramers and you can set up notifications for people you follow so you'll always know when your favorite celebrity is posting pictures of food.