Best apps for June 2014

Best iPhone and iPad apps of June 2014

We've gathered up the bestest, freshest iPhone apps and best iPad apps to hit the App Store in June for you guys. We've got five games, five apps, and a handful of honorable mentions, not to mention the great suggestions that are bound to come in in the comment section. As usual, we have a full range of puzzles, action games, utilities, photography apps, and just about everything else you could be using your iOS device for. There's also a healthy mix of both free and paid apps to check out here.

Are you ready to get downloading? Dig in!

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Best iPhone and iPad apps of June 2014


I see no 'all' button. I even do a page search for the world 'all' and still no button highlighted.

edit: found it, nevermind. Still hate the format though.

It is a positive way to keep a person busy and will help with ones business! Or health, money, social sightings! It's a nice convenient apple product everyone should have!

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And where is Slingshot ? It's the new app from Facebook that intends to compete with Snapchat, with features as pictures dissapearing after seeing them in order to keep privacy. Ok, right now it doesn't look as good as Snapchat. www.versus.en/slingshot-vs-snapchat but I've tried it and it's a good one released in this month