Best calculator apps for iPad: PCalc, MyScript, Digits, and more!

Best calculator apps for iPad: PCalc, MyScript Digits, and more!

The best calculator apps for iPad from simple arithmetic to scientific and engineering equations, to full blown graphing functionality!

Apple doesn't include a Calculator app on the iPad the way they do on iPhone and iPod touch, so if you want to tally up your numbers or do complex equations, you need to go to the App Store. And that's a good thing, because there are several excellent - and different - calculators to choose from. The question is, whether you need simple arithmetic, scientific or engineering equations, or full-on graphing, which is the best calculator app for you? Here are our favorites!


PCalc is one of the best calculator apps available, period. Not only is it jam packed with features, it's easy to use and has a great interface. PCalc caters to everyone from students to engineers to scientists to pretty much anyone who wants to pick it up and use it. It's got 64-bit support for the iPad Air and iPhone 5s, lots of themes, and other customizations. PCalc has support for accounting mode, RPN mode, and so much more.

If you want the absolute best all around calculator that money can buy, look no further than PCalc.


I like to refer to Souvler as a math journal of sorts. Just start typing out what you know and what you're trying to figure out and more than likely, you'll come to a solution. It's especially great for story problems or for times when you not only have to solve an equation, but remember notes or certain thoughts. That makes it pretty great for students since it doubles as a note taking area all in one.

If you problem solve by thinking things through and jotting down notes, Soulver is what you want.


MyScript takes an interesting approach to solving calculations since it takes written input. This is great for folks who instantly feel overwhelmed by a lot of buttons on a calculator. There's virtually no learning curve with MyScript, just start writing. MyScipt supports basic equations and operations, logarithms, exponentials, brackets, and more. It makes for a great companion for students who are starting to learn equations and factorials.

For those that don't like learning lots of buttons and prefer natural input, there's MyScript.


CALC is one of the most beautifully done calculator apps I've ever seen, hands down. Buying the premium version for $1.99 will unlock all themes and features. At its roots, CALC is a scientific calculator but can also perform currency conversions, unit conversions, and more. This is thanks to the built-in converter that covers over 20 different conversion types. There are also gestures built in so you can easily view a history of your previous calculations.

If you want a basic calculator that's easy to use but has the ability to do harder computations here and there, CALC is a great happy medium with a gorgeous user interface.


Digits is one of the best options when it comes to viewing a history, or what we refer to as tape in the calculator world. It always sits off to the left and the best part is, it's interactive. Make a mistake? Tap the tape to edit it and you're done. No more entering and re-entering long calculations and lists. Digits also lets you share your register tape or print it in just a tap. You can also change the color and layout of Digits to match exactly the look and feel you'd like.

If you want a calculator for adding up expenses or have a need to see detailed history of what you've previously entered, get Digits.


WolframAlpha may not necessarily be a calculator as much as it is a database of knowledge, but that certainly doesn't mean it can't double as one. I've used WolframAlpha as a calculator for complex equations for years. There's also a reason Apple integrated it directly into Siri, because it really is that good. Just choose the type of equation you want to do or enter it into the query bar and WolframAlpha will not only solve it, but spit out details and explanations for you.

If you're a student or want to better understand math theory or equations, WolframAlpha is a must have.

Your picks?

These are our favorite calculator apps for iPad but that doesn't mean there aren't other great ones out there too. Let us know what you're using and why in the comments!

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Best calculator apps for iPad: PCalc, MyScript, Digits, and more!


I like the Powerone series of calculators. They are fully programmable and new templates are being created all the time.

PocketCAS and MathStudio are my all time favorite. These are not just ordinary calculators. They have entire scripting languages in built into the app. Anybody familiar with Matlab will be able to do use it. Integration, differentiation, calculus, solving simultaneous equations of any order, 2d plotting, 3-D plotting, you name it, everything is possible. Tons of inbuilt mathematical functions and formulae.

Sadly, I found all of the free iPhone and iPad calculator apps awful. None, have a large "+" key or the option to customize the keys. I am not even sure if any of the paid ones have it either.

Will I pay for a calculator app? Not a chance, I'll just use one of the free one's with frustration.

Now, if someone would create a calculator app that solves "word problems"? That would be awesome.

When will schools start accepting students to write calculus exams with iPads instead of their TI-84s? :)

I personally like the standard apple calculator app. I wish Apple would make it available for iPad.

Sent from the iMore App

I could never pay for a calculator app especially when one comes for free as a preloaded app. It adds, subtracts, divides, and even multiplies! Works great for me. If you need more options, turn the phone to landscape and all the scientific options are there.

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I think the most practical and cute calculator for iOS is Exact Calculator
Keys like 000 zoom+ and color key