Best photo editing apps for iPad: Edit and share photos on the go!

Best iPad photo editing apps: Edit and share photos on the go!

Want to load up on the best iPad apps to help you edit and touch up your photos on the go? Since the iPad offers a lot more screen real estate than the iPhone, it lets you see detail and fine tune things you may miss otherwise. From fixing facial blemishes to adjusting white balance and other settings to adding filters and overlays, there are lots of App Store apps that let you leave the desktop version of Photoshop at home. However, if you're only interested in the ones that go beyond basic editing capabilities, these are currently the best photo editing apps for iPad that your hard earned money can buy!

Adobe Photoshop Touch

Best photo editing apps for iPad: Photoshop Touch

Photoshop Touch is Adobe's official effort at desktop class editing on the iPad and it does pretty well. Many of the tools you're used to working with in the desktop version of Photoshop like layers, selection tools, adjustments, and more. For those not familiar with Photoshop yet, Adobe's got a great getting started guide that includes tutorials on using a lot of the features Photoshop Touch offers. Other features include built-in Google Image search, AirPrint support, and more.

For a desktop class editing experience in the palm of your hand, you need Adobe Photoshop Touch.

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Adobe Lightroom

Best photo editing apps for iPad: Adobe Lightroom

Lightroom for iPad lets you edit RAW files from your DSLR camera, create stunning galleries, sync all your edits and changes right to your Creative Cloud account, and much more. When you get back to your desktop and Lightroom 5, you can pick up right where you left off. Many of the tools and presets available in the full blown desktop version of Lightroom are also available in the iPad version. You'll need a Creative Cloud subscription to use Lightroom but if you aren't ready to bite the bullet yet, you can sign up for a trial and enjoy a free 30 days before deciding.

If you want a stunning way to organizing and editing your photos combined with seamless Creative Cloud sync, get Lightroom.

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Photo Editor by Aviary

Best photo editing apps for iPad: Photo Editor by Aviary

Photo Editor by Aviary combines basic editing tools such as brightness, saturation, warmth, and sharpness with lots of extras for you to experiment with. Add filters, experiment with frames, change the focus, whiten teeth, eliminate blemishes, and lots more. You aren't going to get layer support like some of the other apps listed have but you get a good variety of everything else which may be a better choice for some folks who want quick edits and filters all in one place.

If you want a wide variety of tools and are willing to sacrifice more advanced editing tools for the sake of convenient, Photo Editor by Aviary is a great choice.


Best photo editing apps for iPad: Snapseed

I've found Snapseed to be one of the easiest photo editing apps to learn and use. Even so, it doesn't skimp on different editing options. Adjust light, contrast, shadows, warmth, and much more. One of my favorite features of Snapseed is how you can place edits over edits, mix in filters, and a lot more. This makes for a great way to get a unique and interesting image in just a few seconds, thanks to Snapseed's intuitive gesture controls. If you have a newer iPhone or iPad, Snapseed supports import of up to 20 MP images too.

If you want to have some editing and filter fun, there's no easier and more convenient way than Snapseed.


Best photo editing apps for iPad: FaceTune

Facetune is a photo editing app that focuses on pictures of actual people. Have a facial blemish that you really wish wasn't there? FaceTune makes it easy to use a patch tool in order to remove it in just a few taps. Not only that, you can boost eyes, whiten teeth, and even edit out gray hair with just a few simple gestures. There are also basic editing features including such as changing focus and blurring background, changing the lighting, and more.

If you take a lot of portraits, FaceTune is one photo editing app you should never go without.

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Your pick of best iPad photo editing apps?

If you spend a lot of time tweaking and editing photos from your iPad, what apps are your go-to? Do you use any of the apps listed above? Be sure to let me know in the comments!

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Best iPad photo editing apps: Edit and share photos on the go!


I've got to say Snapseed is very good. Then again I haven't used the others so can't say if it's better or worse than them, but it really is a fantastic app.

My favorite is ArtStudio, specially the version for iPad. It has a lot of the features in Photoshop for desktop.

Have used Photogene from day one. Great price, universal app, incredible editing options, easy to use menu, always being updated - no complaints here.

Handy photo has a retouch feature and an uncrop that are both pretty stellar. Plus a lot of other useful tools as well.

Sent from the iMore App

Guys Thanks for Sharing Such Apps but Today's trend is Different, People use to Create their own app for Photo editing called App Clones. What you Think?

Photogene, Snapseed, VSCO Cam (not officially iPad optimised but that's not really noticeable), PS Touch, Photofx (the diffusion filters, e.g. Pro Mist, are fab) Camerabag 2, sometimes Lenslight for bokeh effects.