Best presentation apps for iPad: Keynote, PowerPoint, Haiku Deck, and more!

Best presentation apps for iPad: Keynote, PowerPoint, Haiku Deck, and more!

From the board room to the classroom, these are the best presentation apps for iPad!

Looking for the best iPad apps for creating and sharing presentations? Whether you're prepping for your next board meeting or putting together a presentation for school, whether you're addressing a conference or pitching your next big idea, the App Store is full of great choices. But which presentation app is the absolute best?


Best presentation apps for iPad: Keynote

Keynote is Apple's take on presentations and is one of the most feature complete you're going to find. There are tons of templates to choose from and almost everything is customizable exactly to your looking. Did we mentions it's also extremely easy to use? Keynote also syncs with iCloud which means any other iPhone, iPad, or Mac with Keynote installed can instantly access your presentations.

If you're invested into the Apple ecosystem, Keynote is hands down the most convenient option you're going to find.


Best presentation apps for iPad: PowerPoint

The newly released Office for iPad apps are nothing to scoff at. PowerPoint on the iPad is not only full featured but a joy to use. Everything you've been accustomed to in either the desktop version of Office or the online version is at your fingertips. You can easily share your presentations or store them in Microsoft's OneDrive service.

If you use the web or desktop versions of Office, you'll be right at home with PowerPoint for iPad.

  • Free (requires subscription to Office 365 to edit documents) - Download Now

Haiku Deck

Best presentation apps for iPad: Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck lets you create visually gorgeous presentations on your iPad with very little effort. Your projects are saved as decks to the Haiku Deck service. After they're created you can view and present them on any iPad, iPhone, or web browser — which makes it easy to share them on a projector. One of my favorite features of Haiku Deck is its amazing collection of stock art and backgrounds to choose from. Just type in any query and you'll find something without having to hunt it down on your own.

If you plan to only create presentations on your iPad and really like the idea of having stock art and photography to choose from, check out Haiku Deck.

  • Free (some themes and photos require in-app purchases) - Download Now


Best presentation apps for iPad: Prezi

Prezi currently offers 15 easy to use templates to choose from. Just choose the one you like and start creating. Whenever you save a Prezi on your iPad, it's instantly available online via your Prezi account. You can import photos from your Camera Roll, use ones you find online, or take photos as you work. Layouts are also easily changed so you know your content looks the best it can.

If you like pop art style templates and don't need tons of extras, Prezi is an awesome, and completely free, choice.


Best presentation apps for iPad: Flowboard

Flowboard is a social presentation app that lets you not only create your own projects, but view and enjoy other people's in the Flowboard community. Aside from having tons of sharing options, Flowboard has some pretty advanced creation tools and even lets you work in layers. Import your own images, choose from tons of prebuilt templates inside Flowboard, and more. You can even embed video and links with ease.

If you need media rich presentations complete with links, video, and imagery, that's what Flowboard does best.

  • Free (subscription required for some features) - Download Now


Best presentation apps for iPad: CloudOn

CloudOne links with existing storage services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and others. You can import existing PowerPoint files and then work on them inside CloudOn. You can also create new PowerPoint files inside CloudOn and save them or share them with others. CloudOn is essentially the desktop version of MS Office 2010 inside another app which means you get all those features packed into an iPad version that links with your existing cloud storage.

If you're still stuck on MS Office 2010 and want exactly that on your iPad, CloudOn can give it to you.

Your picks?

If you frequently create presentations on your iPad, what are your favorite presentation apps? Do you use any of the ones listed above or have you found something else equally as awesome? Be sure to let me know in the comments!

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Best presentation apps for iPad: Keynote, PowerPoint, Haiku Deck, and more!


Allyson, Hai-5 for including Haiku Deck in this awesome write-up! I just wanted to add that with the launch of our iPhone app, you can now use your iPhone as a remote when presenting your Haiku Decks. We'd love to have you and your readers check it out! Cheers, Catherine Carr, VP Marketing & Chief Inspiration Officer, Haiku Deck

As I remarked in a previous comment on one of your iWork reviews, your obstinate refusal to recognize the significant effort Apple has made to go cross-platform leaves me perplexed.

Your review says: Keynote also syncs with iCloud which means any other iPhone, iPad, or Mac with Keynote installed can instantly access your presentations.

True enough, but not the whole truth. I have an iPad, but the rest of my tools are not Apple's. I have a laptop running Windows and a desktop with a Linux distrib. Using's browser version of Keynote I develop presentations on both of these units, and share them through iCloud with the iPad that I use for making the presentations.

I am not invested in Apple, but Keynote is the best and I celebrate that Apple made the effort to allow me to use it cross-platform.

I celebrate it. Why don't you?

You seriously need to calm down. Is Keynote on this list as one of the best? Yes. I'm not sure what your complaint is. Because I didn't mention the browser version? This is an APPS roundup, not a browser web app roundup. This is also not a full review of each app. It's a very brief overview of why I think each app belongs here. There are typically far more reasons than I can describe in a few sentences.

Sent from the iMore App

Do any of these apps support airplay? I want support like the Netflix app where the movie (or presentation in this case) shows on the TV but the controls remain on my iPad.

I use Keynote for my presentation design, however I use the Handbook App to present my presentations and information. Also, I have used handbook app with Airplay from my tablet. It works great!

I'd be remiss not to toss into the ring. StoryDesk has a different take on presentation. We think that they should be interactive. And we think that presentations should support - not lead - a conversation, so our app enables non-linear navigation. What does that mean? It means that no matter the question a client asks, you can surface the answer in a single tap.

Hi All,
since I haven't seen it mentioned, I wanted to add my favorite app for presentations: JustPerfect ( ).
I discovered this app few months ago and I use it heavily while travelling.