Boxee iPad coming soon, streams to other Boxee devices

Boxee will soon release its own iPad app which will offer streaming to other devices that can run the Boxee software. The Boxee app will not use AirPlay but something similar provided by Boxee itself.

VP of Marketing for Boxee, Andrew Kippen describes it as “kinda like AirPlay, but not quite”. The iPad app will allow you to stream content from your original iPad or iPad 2 to any device running the Boxee software. This would include the Boxee Box, PC’s, Mac’s and Linux machines.

If you don't know, Boxee provides an easy way watch movies, TV shows and clips from the Internet as well as locally or networked stored content. There is no mention of what video file types the iPad app will support at this stage, but we imagine it will be quite extensive and not limited to m4v or mp4. We will keep you informed as we get more information.


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Boxee iPad coming soon, streams to other Boxee devices


Excellent. If it won't support Apple TV, and for obvious reasons, there is probably a good chance of that being the case, we'll have to jailbreak our Apple TV's. XBMC already works quite well on ATV2 and I just installed a PLEX plug-in tonight. Still in beta, but pretty soon, there'll be a ton more reasons to throw Apple another Benjamin for this little black box. :D