Bump now shares contacts between iPhone, Android

Bump for iPhone and Android

Longtime iPhone app Bump will now not only let you knock contacts between iPhones, but share with Android friends as well.

Our good buddy Phil Nickinson, General Grievous of the Android Central army, got some video at Google I/O, so check it out after the jump and let us know -- blissful cross-compatible future or cats and dogs living together?

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Reader comments

Bump now shares contacts between iPhone, Android


Neither one. This should be totally orthogonal discussion from platform compatibility.
Users should be able to get fundamental data -- and, for a phone/contact manager, vCard contact information certainly qualifies -- from phone to phone, and platform to platform, with absolutely no fuss whatsoever. Heck, PalmOS (not webOS, PalmOS) and WinMo were beaming contacts back and forth years and years ago.
It is certainly nice that Bump has taken the time to add their little network-requiring-shake gesture to multiple platforms, but the underlying data is ours (not Apple's, not Google's) to move as we wish, and easy transferring of standard data to/from where we want should be a baseline feature of a modern device.

Hey, I bumped contacts with a friend with android months ago. Didn't really think nothing of it.

I bumped with the stood a month ago. I too thought it was nothing major. Well, wohoo! We can cross platform bump!!
The first comment sounded as if the poster has a few issues with the way apple runs things. Dude, relax. You knew what you were getting into when you bought it.

Amen first post and boo apple for failing once again with no option to save to sim even. These people need to give their heads a shake. if you wanted me to continue buying your products then make them better, not less compatible

Worked like a charm! What a huge relief, I upgraded from Iphone 3GS to Samsung Infuse and thought I was going to have to do it all by hand. Thanks Bump!!